Ford Posts Record Quarterly Loss

It’s a big number and it’s shaking things up in regards to what Ford is planning on pushing off the assembly line.  Ford just announced that it took a quarterly loss of $8.7 billion, citing a big ass drop in truck sales and leases.

Ford Record Down

Therefore Ford is planning on ramping up production of it’s more fuel efficient lines of autos, like the Focus and Fiesta.  Furthermore they have plans of doubling their hybrid vehicles and bring more European cars to the US market, where we are finally catching up to the high price of fuel.  I’m just curious how trailers are going to be pulled by a 1.5 litre 4 banger and no matter what, there is no replacement for a truck bed when helping a friend move. 😉

Good luck to Ford in turning over some profits next quarter.  As of now Ford is the 3rd largest auto manufacturer in the world, on the heels and/or coat tails of GM and Toyota.

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