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Another Toyota Recall, Engine Stall Problem

Problems keep mounting for the foreign car maker Toyota, which is considering another recall.  This time, instead of run away vehicles, Toyota is faced with engines potentially stalling.

As of this posting no accidents have been linked to the engine stall problem.  There are roughly 270,000 Lexus brand vehicles affected world wide.  The recall is not official yet and Toyota PR team has not announced their intentions as of yet.

The idea of an engine stalling while in motion could be hazardous indeed.  It’s not been released yet what causes the engine stall, whether under acceleration, slowing down, just that it affects some engines while in motion.  Consider speeding up to merge into interstate traffic and suddenly have no ‘Moving Forward’.

Lexus CT 200h Not For US Market

It began as a rumor, but now confirmed by Toyota, the Lexus CT 200h will not becoming to the US market any time soon.  A spokesman for Toyota was quoted as saying, “There are no plans, at present, to bring this vehicle to the U.S.”

The CT 200h will be the first and only full hybrid luxury compact on the market.  My guess is because there really isn’t a market, at least in this economy.  Who needs a status symbol in the drive way when you can have something much nicer for half as much?

Toyota can keep their Lexus CT 200h.

Lexus LF-Ch Spy Pics

[ad#Google Adsense]CarMagazine.Co.UK has released some anonymous spy pics of the upcoming Lexus LF-Ch premium compact.  Resembling a rather expensive Honda Civic hatch back, these spy pictures hint at the sportiness of this upcoming release.  Unfortunately the pictures are only of the back, but I’ve included the  concept drawings below for reference.

The Lexus LF-Ch will be available for purchase sometime in late 2010 in the UK.  US droolers need not apply.

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2010 Lexus RX 350 SUV

Lexus, never ones to leave a product stagnant for long, have revamped and added some new tech to the cabin of the 2010 Lexus RX 350.  Some of the highlights include being able to dial out via voice command and other improvements to the user interface.  The cabin also includes the luxury cabin essentials that Lexus has become known for, like high quality paneling.

2010 Lexus RX 350 Cabin

2010 Lexus RX 350 Cabin

Some industry experts are upset that Lexus has yet to revamp their navigation system.  For some there are just far too many buttons to push to get where you are going.  This is a segment that should quickly be addressed, considering the inexpensive after market options for vehicles.

Lastly, the power train for the Lexus RX 350 has yet to be upgraded to the latest technologies.  It relies on aging tech that is not the most efficient on the market place.  And, in today’s market efficiency and the greener claims you can make, the more vehicles you will undoubtedly sell.

But hey, if you are one that buys a vehicle based on it’s cabin interface system then you will not go wrong with the 2010 Lexus RX.  The cabin controls are handled through the mouse like device picture below.

Lexus RX 350 Mouse

Lexus RX 350 Mouse

Lexus LF-Ch Hybrid Concept

Lexus is counting on buyers going smaller and more efficient in the years to come.  And why not?  With the success of the US governments clunker program and other incentives why wouldn’t someone buy a fuel efficient daily driver?

Lexus has released a picture of what they think the future of luxury hybrids will be, with the LF-Ch concept.  View the pics below and chime in with your opinions.  I personally don’t think anyone looking for expensive luxury would have any need for a smaller package.  But perhaps Lexus is hoping to flesh out a new niche, not yet attained by competing manufacturers.

Lexus LF-Ch Hybrid

Lexus LF-Ch Hybrid