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iPad Built For The Automotive Enthusiast

iPad Automotive AppsMany iPhone users will tell you that the iPhone was a huge development for automotive enthusiasts.  Applications from remote starting, unlocking, and apps that allowed users to find the best hot spots made for an enthralling tool.  It delivered confidence in traveling, knowing where you were going, and most importantly what to do when you get there.  Now, that same technology is being applied to the iPad and is being focused on automotive applications.

Hyundai was maybe the first to adopt the iPad as a tool for drivers and auto enthusiasts.  Earlier this year Hyundai announced that every new Equus would come with a free iPad, preloaded with the cars manual.  Now that the iPad has had some time to grow within the market and reach increased adoption, companies like BMW are leading the way with automotive apps for the iPad.

‘Das’, is the first BMW iPad App, that allows users to view some of their product line in 3D.  With touch technology provided by the Apple iPad users are then able to twist the images of BMW’s cars, peak into their technological advancements and learn all about their vehicles.  But BMW isn’t looking at just the typical consumer use for the iPad, they also plan to outfit some of their salesman with the new cool tech tool.

The iPad for the BMW sales people would come loaded with software that would allow them to access BMW’s personal software.  This tool would allow a salesperson to pull up information on a specific model, provide images, and even run credit applications while out on the car lot.

Although Hyundai and BMW are the largest car manufacturers to adopt the iPad as a tool, Coda Automotive isn’t far behind.  Supposedly Coda will be releasing an all electric car later this year, that will come equipped with an iPod, again preloaded with the cars manual.  Relatively inexpensive compared to the overall price of the car, the iPad will potentially create a new incentive for buyers and techno automotive geeks.

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2010 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS SUV

Hyundai has been doing a lot of the right things lately to attract consumers and possible first time Hyundai buyers.  However, the Santa Fe appears to be absent of any special design or technology, like the Sonata.  This isn’t to say that the 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe isn’t solid, it’s just lacking in appeal in a competitive market.

The 2010 Santa Fe does the basics right, meaning it has plenty of room and is affordable.  However, those who have experience driving mid-size or larger SUVs are probably going to be left wanting in the power department.  The standard offering is a 4 cylinder, that has been described as sluggish, especially when approaching interstate speeds.  There is a V6 alternative, but even then it’s not setting any kind of horsepower records.

Older Hyundai Santa Fe’s always had a great shark skin feel to the exterior body lines.  They were large, swooping, and were unique amongst the sea of SUVs on the highway.  For 2010 it looks like Hyundai took a step backwards, the 2010 version looks plain jane.  There is a hint of the swooping fenders in the front, but now the ass-end looks just alike any other SUV on the market.

I’m willing to bet there will be plenty of happy 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe buyers out there, it just doesn’t have the same appeal as years past.  Perhaps they are waiting for a radical all new redesign for 2011 and the 2010 Santa Fe is only there to buy time.

2011 Hyundai Sonata SE

Hyundai has started releasing a plethora of new advertising campaigns showcasing the new 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE .  From what I’ve seen it’s with good reason too, no wonder Jeff Bridges signed up to be the voice of Hyundai.  The new lines of the Sonata are what grabs your attention first, but wait till you hear what potential buyers have to look forward to.

First the options are what will up sell potential customers, like a touch-screen navigation system.  And my personal favorite a push button starter, which makes me feel like I’m starting a race car every time behind the wheel.  I know Hyundai isn’t the first, but it’s a nice touch to a sleek new model and looks right at home nestled in the dash.

Standard feature flare include iPod functionality and USB inputs.  This is standard attire for any Sonata SE buyer, so whether you are an avid Apple fan or just have a USB flash drive it’s easy to bring your tunes along for the ride.

The 2011 Sonata SE is going to be the most performance oriented Sonata of the 3 wearing the Sonata badge.  Although a lot of the description of ‘sport’ model relies on visual cues, fact is it’s only 2 horsepower more potent than the base GLS model.  Total power output for the 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE is 200 horsepower and 186 ft lb of torque.  It’s ample numbers to push the sedan up to speed and get your pass on when need be, but not likely to impress your Mustang friends.

To help with the Sonata’s shortcomings in power they have equipped it with a 6-speed transmission.  It’s an automatic, but also comes outfitted with paddle shifters to allow some interaction between the driver and machine.  Also, slamming through the paddles makes the Sonata SE feel a lot faster than it really is, just like any manual vehicle.  All in all, it’s looks will sell and options will get these cars moving off the lot.  I think Hyundai is doing a lot of things right, but with 300 horsepower engines making 30 miles per gallon with other manufacturers, perhaps it’s time to step up the power offerings.

You may remember the Sonata spy pics posted in May of last year, they did a great job of hiding the actual body lines.  Below are pictures of the 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE.

What’s Selling Cars?

Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock

Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock

In this economy all manufacturers are struggling to sell new cars and all are trying some new angles to bring the customers in.  Recently we’ve seen such deals where a manufacturer will buy your car back if you lose your job or even another will make your payments for you if you lose your job.  The latest gimmick is from Hyundai and it might make you choose them over the other players in the field for your next new car purchase.

Hyundai has announced the Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock which will fix your gas price at just $1.49 per gallon for 12 months.  This assurance program is being offered to all new Hyundai buyers or the option of taking $1000 cash.  Estimates put the number of new Hyundai buyers at 1/3 that take the cash over the gas card.  But why?

Because most Hyundai vehicles get such good gas mileage it will be very difficult to save more than $1000 in gas savings.  Industry analysts believe gas will remain below $3.00 per gallon for the next year.  This means your savings per fill up will be less and less and most estimates put the figure around $580 in a year.  Well, the $1000 sounds a lot better than $580, which is average if you are driving around 12,000 miles per year.

Whichever incentive you choose it’s still thinking outside the box and if prices hit $5 per gallon you know you’ll be covered. 😉

2009 Hyundai Genesis Pics

The 2009 Hyundai Genesis is this manufacturers answer to the luxury market at an affordable price.  Further more, performance enthusiasts will approve of it’s engine options, including a V8 above an already potent v6 setup.  This coupled with a 6-Speed transmission and luxury accessories make it a real contender, no matter the market.

According to recent reviews, the most appealing aspects of the 09 Genesis is the strong motor, rear wheel drive, 17 speaker audio system, and it’s ability to be well priced.  Hell, most even European reviewers are claiming that Hyundai has a serious contender amongst big luxury manufacturers like Lexus and Mercedes.  But will consumers be able to justify a $40,000+ Hyundai?