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Hydrogen Powered Honda FCX Clarity

The Honda FCX Clarity is starting to get some bad publicity, considering it’s not as green as it seems.  According to industry analysts the Honda Hydrogen-Powered small size car is not the answer to our fuel problems and may be more disaster than relief.  First thing that comes to my mind is the famous fire ball known as The Hindenburg.

Furthermore it appears that Honda may be producing the FCX Clarity as nothing more than a publicity stunt.  Honda is planning to produce a very limited number of the Clarity, meaning 200, all pre-sold to actors and other big wigs.  Smells like they are looking cook up some advertising, but actually solve our addiction to gasoline…no.

After some closer inspection of the technologically advanced hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity, you realize your not really saving fossil fuels.  Electricity is still required to produce hydrogen and as we all know the majority of our electricity is still coming from burning fossil fuels.  Industry experts call this a displacement of pollution, not actually making it green at all.

Obviously none of this sounds nearly as good as just saying that the Honda FCX Clarity emits water from it’s tail pipe instead of carbon dioxide.  Like most minorities, the cuter ones always get the most attention.

Honda FCX Clarity