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700 HP Porsche Hybrid

Porsche is again talking about it’s hybrid super car, capable of 200 mph and producing over 700 horsepower.  The special and expensive hybrid was debuted at the Geneva motor show, but as of this posting Porsche will not be putting it into production.  For this thing to even be viable for production, there would have to be pre-sales of at least 1,000 units, each costing around $630,000.

One Porsche rumor floating around right now is that there have been around 2,000 people interested, but not committed in price.  Although promising production if 1,000 sold, Porsche has not made an official announcement for plans on making the Porsche 918.

About the Porsche 918 700 HP Hybrid

According to Porsche the 918 is powered by a 500 horsepower V8, assisted with 2 electric motors, which add another 200+ horsepower.  This combination allows the Porsche 918 to achieve speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour and a 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.  Bonafied super car specs and from a hybrid!

So what makes the Porsche 918 so special, with it’s ‘hybrid’ name?  According to Porsche’s research and development team, the drive train combination should be able to achieve 79 miles per gallon.  79 MPG!  Furthermore, the 918 has a selective drive type that allows the super car to run on electric motor only, for limited distances.

Help make sure the Porsche 918 makes it to production, call Porsche and tell them you want one.

Porsche 918 Hybrid

Porsche 918 Hybrid

Buy A New Hybrid Car Guide

This is a guest guide on purchasing a new hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]The hybrid car, also known as hybrid electric vehicle is equipped with two types of engines including electric and combustion. The car will take turns to use the two engines unless the driver needs to drive in a faster speed than it can be handled by them. Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly because of the low emission and fuel efficiency.

Buying hybrid cars can help to stop the global climate change because it emit lesser pollution. With lesser emission, the air will become cleaner which promotes a healthy lung. Conventional internal combustion engine will emit hydrocarbons, nitrogen and carbon monoxide in the air which causes poisonous smog. Nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide are the main causes of climate change around the world. Hybrid cars also help you to save money on fuel at the petrol pumps. Because hybrid car produce lesser emissions, it will cost less to fill up the tank.

New Hybrid CarThere are three hybrid car varieties including full hybrids, mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Full hybrid uses 1 – 3 electric motors to power the vehicle with full electric charge. If run at electric power, full hybrids can operate at a low speed of 25 mph. When using the gas engine, the electric motor will contribute power when you attempt to accelerate the car. There is a wide range of full hybrids from sedans to SUVs. Example of full hybrid includes Toyota Prius. Mild hybrids are not as efficient as full hybrid. The difference between a full hybrid and a mild hybrid is that mild hybrid can only operate in electric mode. The electric motor in mild hybrid is small size.  Mild hybrid can automatically turn off the engine when it is not moving but it will not drive in electric power during a slow traffic. Mild hybrid is cheaper than full hybrids but they don’t deliver the as much fuel efficiency and emission reduction.

Before buying a hybrid car, you must decide the type of hybrid you want. There are three types of hybrid cars including Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles (SULEV), Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles (ULEV) and Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV). Partial Zero Emission Vehicle is the cleanest hybrid car model except for models that operate with battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell.

You must determine where you will be using the hybrid car. Hybrid cars are suitable to be used in the urban or suburban settings. If the cars run at low RPM, you will benefit from the fuel savings while driving in traffic jam because of the many stop and go traffic short trips.

The hybrid electric car is more expensive than the gas powered vehicle because of the limited production numbers. The high price tag is also due the higher mechanical complexity compare with the standard car.

After you have decides on a hybrid car, you must find out if your local car dealers have the model. You can visit the online car comparison sites to find out the cost of the car on available models. You must also find out where you can send the car for repair in case it breaks down.

To save on hybrid car, you can check with your local tax department to see if you are qualified for any tax deduction. Some cities offers free parking space for hybrid electric car as an effort to increase environment awareness. Hybrid electric car will automatically recharge the batteries as you drive and brake the car. Therefore, drivers will never have to plug the car into an electric outlet to recharge the power.

How To Rent A Hybrid Car

This is a guest article on renting a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Since a few years ago, hybrid car production is very limited in the market so renting is almost impossible. However, you can now have a complete hybrid car rental at anytime.  Most of the major car rental companies has added a few thousands hybrid cars into their car rental center. In the upcoming years, these companies plan to add more in order to meet the increasing demand. Despite that, the car rental company are still facing problem in fighting for the same hybrid models. Some car rental companies offer a large range of hybrid cars in their inventories. Renting a hybrid car allows you to help the environment through the low emission of carbon dioxide into the air. You will also have a chance to try out the hybrid car and decide whether you should buy one.

There are higher demands for renting hybrid car because consumers hope to save in fuel. As the production of hybrid car advanced, the rental cars will add more hybrid cars to their inventory so that  you won’t have to prebook it anymore. Until now, consumers will have to make reservation for the hybrid model in advance.

Before renting a hybrid car, you must research on the available model and rank them according to your liking. Some of the popular hybrid car models include Prius from Toyota, the Escape from Ford and Honda Insight. After that, you can make a call to the rental car company and request for renting the first choice of hybrid car on your list. If they don’t have the car model, you can ask for the other cars in your list.

Alternatively, you can research the availability of the model on the internet. Some hybrid car companies can be slow to update the availability of certain models on their website. For a faster response, you can make a call to the car rental companies. If you want to rent a car from Hertz, you should call the toll free number 1-800-654-3131. For car rental with National, you can make a toll free call at 1-800-328-4567. To inquire about the availability of the hybrid car at Budget, you should call the toll free number 1800 527 0700.

If the car rental agencies do not have a hybrid car near you, you can visit the Toyota Rent a Car site to find a nearby hybrid car rental agency. Toyota Rent a Car website offers a large range of Toyota hybrid cars from different dealers across the United States including Prius, Camry and Highlander. By submitting your reservation a few weeks before departure, you are guaranteed to get a hybrid car.

You can visit the Green Collection section on Hertz.com. If you are unable to find a suitable hybrid, you can always rent a conventional engine car that is equipped with high gasoline mileage. When renting a hybrid car, you will be required to pay a premium rate compare to traditional car.

To save on the rental fee, you can take advantage of special discount plans. If you are a member of AAA, AARP or other organizations, you can show them your membership cards to obtain a discount when making a reservation for the hybrid cars.

Disandvantages To Hybrid Cars

This is a guest article on the disadvantages to driving a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly and may be the role model for the future car productions. With increasing awareness of the environment pollution, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular with consumers. The use of hybrid cars promotes a greener lifestyle. Despite that, hybrid car also have disadvantages. Buyers of hybrid car should take these disadvantages into consideration before making a decision.

Hybrid cars have high maintenance cost because of the complexity of the mechanical components. Hybrid cars use a different engine than the traditional cars so most mechanics are not equipped with the skill to repair them. If your hybrid car breaks down, you must send them back to the original manufacturer. The most expensive maintenance cost for hybrid car is the battery. Some manufacturers of hybrid cars offers extended warranty for the replacement parts. Thus, you should check with the warranty to find out the coverage plan before making a purchase.

Hybrid cars are more expensive compare to normal cars. Typically, hybrid cars cost $4000 – $6000 more for new models. The cheapest Toyota Prius causes over $20,000 in the United States and over £16,000 in the United Kingdom. However, the fuel efficiency in hybrid cars will help you to save on the gas expenses. If you buy the used hybrid car, they will not be as environmentally friendly as the new model. Some of the hybrid car models such as Prius, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima was endowed with the Smartway Elite badget because of their efficiency on greenhouse gas emissions.

The hybrid car depends on the ICE and electronic motor to operate the engine. One of the disadvantages of the battery is that it is unable to work in cold environment. In this case, the hybrid car must run on the gasoline engine if used during the winter months, thus it eliminate the fuel economy.

Some hybrid car implements the metal hydride batteries in their model. The metal hydride battery can explode if the car is crashed during a road accident because of the high voltages. Thus, the battery is exposed to a larger risk when an accident occurs. However, Toyota claimed to have reduced the risk for their hybrid cars. You will also need to replace the battery after you have traveled 150,000 to 200,000 miles which is even worse than a standard car battery. Although the Prius’ battery is said to last for a long time, it will still depend on several factors including use and abuse. The battery is very expensive to replaced.

The production of the hybrid cars involves a much complex assembly process compare to traditional cars. The two part drive train is harder to assemble so more pollutants will be emitted from the factory. According to a study, the production of hybrid car cause more pollution in the environment compare with other standard vehicles. Of course, this disadvantage is still offset by the fuel economy of the hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars have a lower performance than standard vehicles. Hybrid cars have a lower road performance in terms of the acceleration speed. Hybrid cars also have large braking noise. The engine of hybrid car is too quiet which makes parents worry about children running into the street because they are ignorant that a car is approaching.

Hybrid Cars and Global Warming

This is a guest opinion article on hybrid cars and global warming.

[ad#Google Adsense]Hybrid electric car uses two source of engine power which are ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and electric motor.  The most well received hybrid electric car is the gas electric hybrid cars. The hybrid electric car sold on the market can be either full hybrids or mild hybrids.

The emission of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels contributes significantly to the environmental issues. The United States Department of Energy study has shown that 26% of the pollution is attributed to the carbon dioxide emissions from the road vehicles. With a hybrid car, you can do your part in helping to reduce the environment pollution without having to relinquish the benefits of a traditional car.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports a global warming trend due to increasing number of pollutions since the late 19th century. Most of the global warming is caused by the greenhouse gases including the carbon dioxide gas which are emit from the vehicle. The global warming issue will become more serious if nothing is done to reduce the greenhouse gases. Global warming will produce a negative impact on all aspects including agriculture, forests, and health.

On average, a gasoline powered vehicle will burn 6 – 9 tons of carbon dioxide every year. If you buy a hybrid car, you can reduce this number because it relies on an electric battery to operate the engine.

Buying a hybrid car can save the oil resources on the earth. Most standard vehicles rely on the oil to power the engine. As the oil becomes scarcer, the automobile industry should use the hybrid technology as the new type of energy in the future production of their cars.

According to a research carried out by Hybridcars.com, if every hybrid driver drives 40 miles daily, they would be able to save up to 350,000 gallons of petrol fuel per day.

Hybrid Cars and Global WarmingDue to global warming, the arctic ice is becoming thinner. The ice shelves in the Antarctic is breaking faster due to the heat. The ocean levels increases and causes flooding in low land country. The flooding is estimated to affect 20 – 50 millions of people.  Global warming also causes the dangerous epidemic of contagious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and etc. The timing of the season has change drastically. For example, spring comes earlier and fall arrives later than the usual date. As a result, the agricultural output in poor countries has considerably reduced.  It is estimated that 80 – 90 million people will suffer from hunger in the 21st century due to global warming. The increase in temperature will cause certain animals to become extinct and cease to exist so that the ecosystem may be lost. The 2004 Pentagon report shows that global climate change increases the possibility of countries fighting for food and energy supplies.

If we heed these warning signs, we can help to reduce the severity of the environment problem significantly.  Moving the automobile industry toward hybrid technology could be one of the most comprehensive energy to reduce global warming effects.