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Difference Between Hybrid and Regular Cars

[ad#Google Adsense]No longer is buying a new vehicle limited to buying either a gas or diesel engine, now buyers have the option to buy hybrid or regular cars.  The difference between hybrid and regular cars lies in the power train and varies by technology.  This article will discuss what it means to be a hybrid, the difference types of hybrids, and what maks a hybrid different than a traditional car.

What Does Hybrid Mean

The real definition of the word Hybrid means a mixed origin or composition, in the case of hybrid cars were are making reference to the composition of the engine.  A hybrid engine has two different components that make similar types of power, typically the different components are gasoline and electric.  The actual technology used withing hybrid motors can vary, but essentially a hybrid engine is a composition of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.

Difference Between Hybrid Engine and Normal Engine

Because of the addition of an electric motor, to the internal combustion engine, for a primary power source, the engine is now considered a hybrid.  A traditional car will not have an electrical motor to assist the engine make power or supplement power during low load times.  Because of the assitance of an electrical motor, hybrid cars are more fuel efficient, and produce less emmissions.

Different Types of Hybrid Motors

Not only is a hybrid motor different than a traditional motor, but there are also several different types of hybrid motors.  So many in fact, that I could not cover them all in one article.  For the sake of space, let’s look at two different types of hybrid motors in cars.  The two main different hybrid vehicles when buying new cars will be ‘Series Hybrids’ and ‘Plug-In Hybrids’.

A Series Hybrid uses the internal combustion motor to charge a generator, instead of directly powering the wheels.  The generator then produces power for actual power to the wheels for a car to move.

A Plug-In Hybrid uses a type of battery that stores electric power, derived from plugging into special outlet.  The battery then assists the internal combustion engine during low power loads, thus saving gas.  The Plug In Electric Hybrid can also be known as a PHEV and may not be considered as Green as a series hybrid, since the power must still come from traditional resources when charging the battery.

Mercedes BlueHybrid

Mercedes BlueHybrid


This has been a post into a series of articles on explaining entry level questions to automotive enthusiasts.

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Toyota Prius The Greenest Award

The Toyota Prius hybrid car has won the ‘Greenest Technology’ Award at the British Techology Awards.  Talk about a mouthful of crap, award, award, award.  Ironically this green technology was found right along the likes of the Apple iPhone, BBC iPlayer, and Nintendo Wii.

The vote was taken online and in the UK the Prius gets all kinds of rockstar lavish treatments.  For example, a Prius owner gets a break on their parking permits.  I’m sure this huge discount on a parking permit offsets the incredibly high price tag of early adoption.

Prius Win's Greenest Technology Award

Prius Win