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BMW Concept 5 Niche Creation

Tired of either dominating or losing out on a niche?  Well, if you are BMW then you simply create your own niche and give it a 3 letter acronym.  The Concept 5 from BMW is not an SUV or SAV, it’s a PAS, otherwise known as Progressive Activity Sedan.  A little too close to the POS moniker if you ask me.

“This car is designed less for a specific market, but more for a customer who needs all the utility of an SUV, minivan or wagon, but would not want the association with those types of vehicles,” he said.

This comment, by BMW’s Product Manager, seems a little less confident and a more like settling for the consumer.  At any rate, rest assured the buyer will look like a douche bag whether he is going camping, picking up kids from soccer, or grabbing groceries on the way home from the board meeting.

If the idea of a confused car, being peddled as a new niche, sounds tantalizing to you, then plan on plunking down $60-70k when released.  Yes, although it is being billed as a concept, BMW claims they will be producing this monstrosity.  Yea.