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2010 VW Golf R20 Spy Pics

MotorAuthority.com has just released some great spy pics of the all new 2010 Volkswagen Golf R20.  These spy pictures of the 2010 Golf are unhindered by typical spy camouflage and instead show off the new VW Gold design ques.  This sporty Golf will come packed with a surprisingly powerful 2.0 litre Turbo Charged engine.

Obviously it looks like it will still have the famed VW handling, at least in the TDI trim.  The hatch pictured below is expected to produce a whopping 270 horsepower, unheard of in typical 4 cylinder engines…even turbo charged ones.  This golf is already sizing up to be a huge hit and great follow up to the wildly popular R32 model Golf of years past.

Tuning Your Car

VW Golf Tuning

VW Golf Tuning

[ad#Google Adsense]Most cars that leave the factory are submitted to lots of tests with different setups. But then they go to the market with a setup suitable for most countries, and for an average driver. If you are an experience driver and a car to you is not a means of transport only, then those standard cars are not for you. You can however ask for a more sport setup of load the car with OEM accessories.

Some times that is not enough and then car tuning can be the way to go. Car tuning is the process of modifying and enhancing a vehicle’s performance and style through engine, suspension and body modifications. It is both an industry and a hobby.

Tuning began not long after the invention and mass production of the automobile. People that love cars and are passionate by tuning life style, feel the need to modify their vehicle to be unique, faster and safer to drive.

There are probably many people that don’t quite understand the mentality of a tuner and in particularly why they spend so much money on a car which will never be a profitable investment. However, for those for whom this is a passion or a way of life this is the best possible investment, and is the reason to get out of bed in the morning.

The interest of tuning is increasing exponentially and almost every town or village, no matter how small, has car tuning fans, events and companies that modify cars or just sell tuning parts.

As the tuning industry has grown, numerous different tuning styles have grown up, as well because there are also lots of cult and interests, music and different urban styles. Different countries regulations and economics also play a role in the type and quality of car tuning. From hot rods to the import scene, from German cleanest style to the most incredible show cars, you can see that today car tuning is very popular.

Car tuning companies are also everywhere. Of course the US, Europe and Japan concentrate most of them. Experts like Brabus, Techart, Dinan, Novitec, Veilside, Wald, Rieger, Oettinger can customize your car and improve the looks, performance, comfort and safety. You get a most exclusive car that will turn heads when you drive.

And you might think that there are cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley and others that could not be improved or people who buy them don’t care about tuning. Well you are wrong, even these cars can be customized and some companies develop exclusive programs to tune these cars and to make them even more exclusive.