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Glass Repair For Safety Reasons

Of all the safety features on an automobile there are few more important than your windshield. Often overlooked the windshield protects it passengers from wind, rain and road debris. Unknowing to most it also prevents occupant ejection during a crash, Roof crush in event of a rollover and acts as a backboard for passenger side airbag deployment.

The automotive glass industry is largely unregulated and has no definite standards for safe installation of windshield installations. Some auto glass repair and auto glass replacement shops use unethical procedures for windshield installations. When choosing an auto glass company you should make sure they are using new auto glass (OEM) Original Equipment manufacturer Glass not used glass or aftermarket glass. Also, you have to make sure that they are following the American National Standards Institute Guidelines. You should also make sure that they are insured and take how long they have been in business for into consideration.

If the new windshield is not properly installed at the time of replacement it may not pass the federal motor vehicle safety standards FMVSS 208, FMVSS212 or FMVSS216. FMVSS 208 mandates that the windshield must remain attached to the vehicle in event of a front end collision so that the passenger side air bag will work properly. FMVSS 212-requires auto glass replacements to maintain adhesion to the vehicle in the event of an accident to prevent occupant ejection. FMVSS 216-explains that the windshield Prevents Roof crush in event of a rollover. When selecting an auto glass replacement company don’t base your decision off of price. If you do then let your mind be your conscience. Make sure you go with a glass shop that is committed to keeping their customers safe.

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