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5 Gifts For The Automotive Enthusiast

Christmas music is already playing in stores, which is our signal to start preparing for the gift giving season.  According to my mother, automtive enthusiasts are the most difficult people to buy for.  I think the difficulty comes from not understanding the hobby, as there are plenty of gifts across all price points.  These are my Top 5 gifts I would love to receive and I’m pretty sure anyone interested in anything auto would be happy to be gifted these presents as well.

1. Mechanics Gloves – These gloves are specially designed to fit tight and have grips in all the right areas.  I picked up my first pair a few years ago and now I’ll never do without.  They are rugged enough to keep my hands from being cut up, yet thin enough for me to maintain complete motion and feel in my fingers.  Perfect for picking up nuts and bolts, and staying warm.  A nice pair of Mechanic gloves can be picked up for as little as $20.

2. Small Mechanic Tool Set – My favorite tool sets are Craftsman brand, which usually have no more than 50-60 pieces.  The smaller size makes them perfect to keep in the car or truck and be versatile enough to handle most small jobs.  Pricing usually ranges from $30 to $60.  Even if the person you are buying for has one, these are great to keep as spares, I personally can attest to losing more than my share of sockets.

3. Blu-Ray Car Movies – Looking to spend under $20, no problem, DVDs and Blu-Rays may be the answer.  There are plenty of car movies to choose from that feature hot rods.  Gone in 60 Seconds, American Graffiti, Fast and The Furious Series, and Vanishing Point are just a few suggestions that make great stocking stuffers for the gear heads on your Christmas list.

4. Just In Case Kit – This is a great gift to give to someone, even if they aren’t an auto enthusiast.  Basically anyone that drives a car should have a Just In Case Kit, for safety reasons.  This kit will usually include a flash light, jumper cables, flares, road cones, first aid kit, and a few basic tools.  Pricing will vary, but will starts around $40, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.  The winters get real cold around here, so being prepared will pay off in spades.

[quote type=”center”]it’s hard to have the internet under a 57 Chevy with you[/quote]

5. Haynes or Chilton Manuals – This gift requires you to know what kind of vehicle the gift receiver owns.  However, having these useful manuals are a God send for anyone looking to get their hands dirty.  Usually these manuals won’t set you back to far, they can be bought and ship for $25 online.  You may be thinking, but they have the internet, why do they want some old print book on how to break down a car.  Haynes and Chilton have mastered the art of putting words to pictures and are extremely thorough on an entire model car.  Finding information on line is difficult and spotty at best when looking up specifics, plus it’s hard to have the internet under a 57 Chevy with you.

Hope these great gift giving ideas help for the upcoming 2012 Holidays.

Christmas Gifts For Dodge Fans

Christmas Gift IdeasSure it may be tooting your own horn, so to speak, but Dodge has released a list of the top 10 gifts for Dodge and Mopar fans.  This information came via press release, but does have some good tips, if you have a big budget.  So this Christmas consider the gifts below as a good guide for pleasing that Mopar head in your family.

1. FLO TV – This is a subscription service kind of like Satellite Radio that provides video entertainment inside your new Dodge Vehicle.  The equipment will cost around $629 plus installation fees, but the price includes a 1-year subscription.

2. Remote Start – A remote starter is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone, let alone a Dodge owner.  It’s the gift that gives year round and is really appreciated on those frost covered mornings.  Nothing beats stepping out the front door and into a toasty vehicle in February.  Most remote starters for Dodge vehicles will set you back around $235.

3. Uconnect Web – Another great gift idea of the gear head that’s also a tech head.  This little device turns your vehicle into a roaming Hot Spot providing high speed internet to anyone within range and a password.  Expect to spend around $400 for the equipment, along with a monthly subscription.  However, until the end of the year you can get a $300 rebate on the purchase of the equipment, so go buy it, NOW.

4. Jeep Wrangler Lift Kits – Mopar offers high quality lift kits to give the Jeep in your driveway the look desired or for function.  Everyone wants to customize their Wranglers and generally a lift is #1 on the list of to-do’s, well that and some big ass tires.  I would recommend consulting the gift receiver before buying a lift kit, because they may have a specific height in mind.

5. Cat Back Exhaust System – After a Dodge owner gets the appearance they want, generally the sound is the next on the list.  A Cat Back exhaust system can add the sound desired and in most cases the look, if chrome tips of rear exhaust is added to the mix.  An added bonus is that most cat back exhaust systems will also increase engine performance and power.

6. Mopar Suspension Kit – Kind of the opposite of the lift kit a Stage 2 Mopar Coil over Suspension kit will help give the stance desired in their more sporty lineup of vehicles.  These kits come with the ability to adjust your suspension to fit your driving style.  Look to spend in the neighborhood of $1700 for this package, plus or minus whatever it will cost to have a professional install it.

7. Crate Engine – Please, please, please consult the person you are buying this for before purchasing.  Gear heads are sticklers for the details and will have in mind exactly what they want, especially in an engine.  So make some suggestions, have them write down what they want, and then go buy them a $13,000 crate motor that will turn the docile project car into a pavement eating beast.  Don’t forget to add a lift gate to the delivery charge.

8. 572 Cubic Inch HEMI Crate Motor – Another crate motor has made their top 10 gift list and with good reason.  This isn’t your run of the mill generic motor, this is a howling beast of an engine.  It’s important to make sure you have the frontage required to store such a monster, again, consult whomever you are buying this for before dropping $18,000.

9. Slush Mats – These are awesome for the winter when tracking in snow becomes a nuisance.  These are also very useful to save the carpet for those looking to get dirty while mudding around in their 4×4’s.  These rubber mats will stay in place and catch all the crap off your boots, prices range from $50-$100.

10. Model HEMI Display Engine – This is the perfect gift for Dodge fanatics that need to display their love in the garage, office, or over the fire place.  If you can’t afford the real thing, give them a reminder to start saving now, because this little model will only set you back about $41.

Have a Merry Christmas and start buying your gear head gifts early, because almost everything will need to be shipped to you.  Generally these aren’t the type of gifts you find in stock at your local Wal-Mart. 😉

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