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Christmas Gifts For Mustang Owners

Christmas Gift IdeasI myself am a lover of Ford Mustang’s and I know what I would love to receive for Christmas.  However, I also realize that how I want my Mustang to look may not coincide with your views, so I’ve developed this top 10 list of gifts to be generic.  That is, no matter the type of Mustang owner they will appreciate a gift from the list below.

So let’s get started and in no particular order.

1. Key Chain – You simply can’t go wrong purchasing a key chain and plus this leaves some creative opportunities for the gift buyer.  I prefer a small leather key chain with the Mustang logo embroidered on it or a small metal chain with the Ford emblem etched on.

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2. Apparel – Now you know the person you are buying a Mustang Christmas gift for better than I do, so be the judge of what they would look best in.  Personally, I would like a Mustang baseball cap and there are some high quality options available.  But, if the giftee doesn’t wear a hat, try getting them a sweat shirt or T-Shirt, which guys will always wear on top or bottom. $34.99 Mustang Hoody From Amazon

3. Calendar – Just because you buy them a Mustang calendar doesn’t mean they will want to hang it up in the kitchen.  Every garage needs a calendar and it doesn’t always have to be covered in naked or semi naked babes, a hot Mustang will do just fine.

4. Mustang Parking Sign – Just like the calendar above, give the gift of garage decoration to the person on your Christmas list.  It’s a good, inexpensive way to tell would-be parking offenders that only Mustang’s are allowed in this spot. $9.99 Metal Mustang Parking Sign

5. Mustang Folding Chair – This Mustang Christmas present really should be at the top of the list, just so no one misses it.  If I could pick one gift from this list, the Mustang Folding Chair would be it.  It’s a perfect addition to car show trips, camping, or just lounging around in the back yard.  Frankly I’m tired of setting on my worn out wal-mart special boring brown chair.

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6. Mustang Car Cover – Even if you have a garage dust will find it’s way onto the surface of your Mustang.  So, protect it even when it’s in doors with a car cover.  Most car covers are one size fits all years, much like the one linked here, it will fit most model year Mustang.

7. Mustang Model Car – I got a model Mustang about 5 years ago and placed it proudly on my desk at work, it’s still there.  Not only that, it’s kept me warm on those months I spent Mustangless in between project cars.  It still gets cleaned more often than I do.  The prices on Mustang model cars can vary a lot, so choose wisely.

8. Remote Control Mustang – Yes, I’m still a little kid at heart and in mind in most cases.  You show me a guy who doesn’t love a remote control Mustang at any age and I’ll show you a person who is dead inside.  Prices Starting At $49.99 at Amazon

9. Mustang Ornaments – It’s not that I don’t like decorating with my family, it’s just that there are no ornaments that I can relate to.  Glittery balls don’t do anything for me, so I need a Mustang Ornament to feel like I’m contributing, even if it has to be on the back of the tree. Mustang Ornament

10. Mustang Tumbler – Everyone drinks something, on a daily basis I consume coffee in the morning and a tumbler is a perfect match for my Mustang cup holder.  They are stylish, comfortable, and tell people what kind of car I prefer to be seen in, even when it’s not around.  Like the model Mustang setting on my desk at work, a Mustang tumbler shouldn’t be very far away either.

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Now, no excuses, there is still time to get presents shipped from Amazon or anywhere else online.  Chances are you won’t be able to find all of these at your local department store, but that’s why you are online right now isn’t it?  You need to get done buying those hard to find gifts and do it now!

Happy Holidays and don’t forget about my post for Christmas Gift Ideas for Dodge Fans.

Picture Key Chain

Coby Keychain

Coby Keychain $19.99

Coby Keychain

Coby Keychain $10.79

Tao Key Chain

Tao Key Chain $19.97

I’m going to force myself to buy Christmas gifts a little bit earlier than Christmas Eve this year.  To do so, I full intend on taking advantage of online shopping, instead of braving the left overs from Black Friday.  Also, like most families mine will not be spending a lot on each other and instead intend on buying smaller more thoughtful gifts.  For some this sounds like a great idea, but can make buying a good inexpensive gift more difficult.  I have the solution!

This year I plan on buying my family members all a picture key chain.  However, unlike other Christmas presents I’m going to open these up before wrapping them and upload pictures of my daughter and the rest of my family.  That way when the grandparents and other family members open up their gift on Christmas Day it will already have recognizable smiling faces looking back at them.

So, I’ve managed to purchase inexpensive gifts for the whole family, because at most the picture key chain will only cost about $20.00.  Furthermore each gift is thoughtful and personal because I will have already installed personal pictures on each persons photo key chain.

Feel free to steal my ideas, there is still time to have these items shipped before Christmas Day.  Otherwise I’ll just plan on seeing you in the Wal-Mart parking lot come December 24th.

Photo Keychain Gifts

Photo Keychain

Photo Keychain

If you are like me then you struggle to come up with an idea to get the women in your life gifts.  Often times for me if I get flowers it looks like I’m up to something, so generally that’s a no go.  My wife and I had a daughter about 10 months ago and we can’t get enough pictures of her, so I thought about getting my wife a gift she can carry around with her everywhere she goes…pictures of our daughter in a photo keychain.

First of all a photo keychain is right up my alley, since everyone has to carry keys on them, might as well show off our little one at the same time.  It puts that picture at a moments reach to show off to people who may or may not care to see. lol  Plus there are photo keychains available in digital form that allow you to carry multiple pictures in the same little package.

Right now one of the most popular photo keychain available on the market is a 1.5″ lcd display and enough storage to contain over 100 pictures.  The photo keychain also comes in a variety of colors and different styles to fit your own mojo.  The best part is these little gems can be purchased for as little as $12.99 in most places or you can find a deal on a photo keychain on eBay.

Photo Key Chain on eBay
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