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Top 3 Floor Jacks for Your Garage

Any grease monkey will tell you, having a floor jack at home in your garage can be a life saver.  Floor jacks offer features not found in standard car equipped scissor jacks.  The most important feature of a floor jack is it’s stability, which is a safety concern when working underneath any automotive product.  Floor jacks will often have higher load bearing capabilities, ease of use, and again safety in stability.

Although a floor jack may not be as portable as a scissor jack, you will find the features is what sells.  My floor jack in my garage may be the number one tool I wouldn’t want to go without.  Next of course would be the jack stands, but I’ll cover that in a different article.

Craftsman Floor Jack

Craftsman Floor JackThe Craftsman 3 ton floor jack is probably the smoothest rolling and most stable floor jack I’ve ever used.  Like any floor jack, it is heavy, but that’s just because of it’s quality construction and lift capabilities.  The hydraulic jack allows for a smooth release, a turn of the handle slow lowers any vehicle you have lifted into the air.

The Craftsman 3 Ton Flor Jack sells for $137 from Amazon.

Torin 1.5 Ton Racing Floor Jack

Torin Racing JackThis Torin racing floor jack offers some of the same features as the Craftsman floor jack above, but with some additional special features.  Most notably this Torin floor jack weighs just over 24 lbs, allowing for much easier use and portability.  Next, it’s important to note that this model Torin jack, T815005L, has a max capacity of 1.5 tons.

The Torin Racing floor jack is considered a great value at just $117 from Amazon.

Torin Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

Torin Low Profile Floor JackSometimes having the lift capacity isn’t enough, you need a floor jack that’s capable of getting under low riders.  Whether the air suspension is shot or you are just working on a lowered car, this Torin low profile racing jack will get the job done.  It offers the maximum 3 ton lifting capacity, along with a short height base of just 3.75″ to get under the lowest cars.  The Torin low profile floor jack costs a little more but provides a much needed service.

The Torin low profile aluminum jack is priced at  $299.99 on Amazon.