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Tesla Electric Motors In Trucks

[ad#Google Adsense]The service industry seems to be the most logical step for using actual electric and hybrid vehicles. After all, these vehicles are road the hardest, put in the longest hours, and at the end of the day can’t be used for carpooling. So, Freightliner has started purchasing the same electric motor used in the Tesla roadster for use in their trucks. It will be used to make big power on a small environmental foot print.

Freigtliner hopes to be the first to enter this type of commercial niche, where cargo vans are powered by a hydraulic hybrid. It has the opportunity to revolutionize the industry, where thousands of vehicles post up thousands of miles. Imagine all the UPS and FedEx trucks on the road, now imagine if they weren’t using gas as fuel. The environmental impact of that alone would make the technology worth it’s weight. In addition, Freightliner claims that going to an EV fleet will save up to $15,000 per year, per vehicle! Although the electric truck will cost more up front, the real savings will be in the fuel and maintenance cost over the 12 months.

The initial electric truck offerings will be capable of handling a 2,500 lb payload. Without battery cell expansion Freightliner claims the EV Truck will be capable of a 100 mile range and require to be plugged into a 220v line for 6-8 hours at night for a full charge. There are future plans for battery expansions, which will allow for further trips without the need to charge up. The future of commercial truck fleets will be changing, perhaps Freighliner will be leading the way.

Freightliner Electric Truck