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2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Regular readers of The-Grayline.com know how much I ooze over the idea of a potent Mustang.  Lately Ford just seems to keep on delivering one awesome version of a Mustang over another.  Even though the SVT brand doesn’t seem to be hanging around, we have been blessed with the Shelby GT500 and now, the 2010 Cobra Jet.  Fitting, considering Ford has aesthetically and internally redesigned the 2010, so let’s see what’s in store.

The 2010 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang can be seen by those lucky enough to attend the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas, which begins today.  The Cobra Jet has been specially outfitted in SEMA paint, complete with Cobra likeness down the side.  The pictures of the SEMA special Cobra Jet can be seen in the gallery below.

What sets the 2010 Cobra Jet apart from other 2010 Mustangs?  First of all it will come equipped with the first ever factory equipped Rev Limiter, which is a staple for low ET’s.  Basically the Cobra Jet is a factory built race car, similar to the one Ford released on the 40th anniversary of the Cobra Jet in 2008.  Although consider it a much more track ready beast, complete with roll cage.

I’ve had trouble finding specific power numbers for the 2010 Cobra Jet, but suffice it to say, it won’t matter to those buying.  All 50 produced have already been ordered by the dealers and sold to customers, sorry, no longer available.  But maybe, just maybe, you might have a friend of a friend that will give you a ride in one.  Until then, please feel free to slobber over the pictures below.

Cobra Jet’s Available for purchase right now on eBay

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04 Mustangs For Sale On eBay

04 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang continues to be a top searched query on eBay Motors, mainly because there is such a huge inventory and prices are down.  Specifically you can find a ton of 04 Mustang GT’s, V6’s, Cobras, etc on eBay right now and some starting as low as $5,000.

If you are new to eBay Motors and looking to buy a Mustang, don’t forget you cal always narrow your search down to a designated amount of miles within your zip code.  Often this is an over looked feature of eBay and can make your car buying experience that much more pleasurable.  After all freight on a car can sometimes ruin a good deal.