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247 Horsepower Ford Focus

[ad#Top of Post Left]Too much is never enough, even when coupling V8 horsepower numbers in a small package.  The 2012 Ford Focus ST will be the mighty hatchback that could, expected in dealerships in 2012 as well.  Start salivating now, because this performer packs a big punch, that will hopefully make it to US shores.

How does the 2012 Ford Focus ST make 250 horsepower with just a 4-cylinder engine?  Well, it’s a tried and true forced induction method known as turbo-charging.  And not just ‘a’ turbo, but a twin-turbo setup that propels the Focus engine well beyond what it was originally designed for.

Although not just about performance, the 2012 Focus ST has a look all its own.  It’s meaty, has the obligatory wide mouth front bumper, and threatens the European market with low slung elegance.  Sharp side skirts and a tasteful deck spoiler line up perfectly with the Porsche Boxter inspired central exit exhaust.

Inside the 2012 Focus ST features racing seats, lots of carbon fiber accents, and a six speed fun stick.  According to those who have been able to test drive this pocket rocket, the tall shifter is actually capable of very short throws and speedy jamming of gears.  In addition, the dash, climate and audio controls look like they would be right at home in some Transformer movie or as a back drop for the latest NASA mission.

As for pricing, none has yet to be released.  My guess is that pricing won’t become available until they nerf the performance into the ground and can keep the Focus ST under $25k.  This would still make the 2012 Ford Focus ST the highest price Focus available, trumping the $22k price tag of the Titanium version available now.

2012 Ford Focus ST Pics:

Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Now, more than ever, people are trying to save money by purchasing fuel efficient cars.  Often the focus is on new cars, which offer high miles per gallon, but also come with a big price tag.  The cost of technology to create lower emissions and high efficiency can create a daunting monthly payment, which voids the savings, unless driven for years to come.  I suggest purchasing a good fuel efficient used car and below are my two suggestions.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has proven itself to be a reliable small car.  It’s offered in several different styles, from 4 door to hatch back, but all provide gas savings.  Usually equipped with a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine, these small cars are capable on the freeway, small enough for the city, yet provide enough cargo space for most daily needs.

A 2001 used Ford Focus can be found for as little as $6,000.  What’s even more important is that there were a lot of these cars manufactured, so there are plenty of options in the used car market, to find the Focus that’s right for you.  A used Ford Focus would be the perfect car for a ‘work’ car making a long commute or for quick trips in the city running errands.

Although not overly luxurious, a good used Ford Focus can be one of the best used cars on the market.

Honda Civic

My next suggestion would be to purchase a good used Honda Civic.  I’d recommend the Civic for most of the same reasons as buying a used Focus.  Fuel efficiency, reliability, and sheer numbers in the used car market.  Although it can be a positive or negative, a Honda Civic will hold a higher resale value than the Ford Focus.  This doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals to be found.

As of this posting I’ve found a listing for a 2000 used Honda Civic for just $6,000, albeit with a little over 120,000 miles.  High miles shouldn’t be a major deterrent when purchasing a used car, especially when looking at a reliable car like the Honda Civic.  If well maintained it’s not unheard of to push these cars past the 150k or 200k mile mark.

With the Honda Civic’s proven reliability record and high resale value, I’d recommend a used Honda Civic to any used car buyer trying to save on transportation costs.

2012 Ford Focus

The new 2012 Ford Focus debuted in Detroit today and is a shock to my tired eyes.  This new ‘world’ car looks less like a Focus and more like some sort of mini-suv crossover.  Perhaps this design is most appealing to European and Asian markets, considering it will be built the same for all 3 regions.  This means that the same parts will work for the American version of the 2012 Ford Focus as in the European version.

Ford looks to be tapping into a more aggressive front end for the 2012 Focus, with large mouth bumper.  However, the rest of the car just doesn’t match the aggressive looks of the front, looking tall from the sides, and fat in the back.  Leaves me curious if the performance and handling will match the impression the body lines leave.

What do you think, is the new 2012 Ford Focus an improvement over previous year models?

What Does Drew Barrymore And Electric Focus Have In Common?

Well, they all have spots on Leno, of course.

Jay Leno took a step down (or up) from late night TV and started broadcasting in Prime Time.  Well, Ford is taking advantage of this exposure and Leno’s love for vehicles, to help get the American public accustomed to driving Electric vehicles.  That’s why the Sept 18th show will feature Drew Barrymore racing a new all electric Ford Focus.

The car Barrymore will be driving won’t actually be available until sometime in 2011, so don’t get out your checkbooks just yet.  However, it might not be a bad idea to start saving now.  Most estimates put the new all electric Ford Focus at $10,000 higher than it’s all gasoline counter part.  eeek!

Electric Ford Focus

SVT Focus Is An Alternative

Tired of seeing all the foreign rice rockets on the road, want to have something a little different but just as potent, then check out the Ford SVT Focus.  The SVT Focus provides some of the best handling of any small size car and since they have been out for awhile you can get them for a deal, often times in the $5,000 range and well preserved models for less than $10,000.

These little cars are a blast to drive thanks to their peppy 4 cylinder and 6 speed manual transmission.  In addition, their suspension show’s off that American’s can create good handling cars as well.  All things considered an SVT Focus is a great car to have in this economy and high gas price times, where a little bit of pep, great handling, and a fun ride don’t have to cost a lot up front or at the pump.

SVT Focus on eBay

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