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Honda Fit As A Corner Carver?

Boston.com is quickly becoming a popular source of great photo sets and slowly creeping up in world popularity in regards to news reporting.  However, the latest article, about the 2009 Honda Fit has me perplexed.  The reviewer focuses on the Fit’s ability to handle a curvy highway, more suited to a super cars review platform.

Giving into the fact that the Fit has looks only a mother could love, since I wouldn’t think ‘Bug Like’ is a positive remark, this brief review seems to give more life to the 09 Fit than deserved.  It’s articles exactly like this that make me question, who paid for this review, and what relationship does the author have to it’s local Honda dealership?

I can’t put any faith in such a review, no matter the trim the 09 Fit may be wearing.  Furthermore, if the author was this impressed, how many vehicles has he actually driven on a perfectly curvy road with suspension worthy of such a review?  Nevertheless, the review has been done, and has done little to convince me that the 09 Fit is anything more than a throwaway car.

Yeah, yeah, I can already hear the negative comments and horrid emails from people who love their reasonably priced Fit.  Personally I think any throwaway car over the $10k mark is too much and the Fit tested was closer to the $20k price point.  No, I have not and will not drive a Fit, I’m scared of tiny spaces with wheels and the idea of a gas tank in the front seems like a bad idea.  Maybe really did want to start 09 boom, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

09 Honda Fit

For me, the Fit does not mean Go, but for a tiny hatch car I guess the 09 Honda Fit ranks higher than others.  The Honda Fit becomes even more appealing when you look at the lateset numbers showing that Honda and Toyota are now the rulers of the US market, taking over 30% of the business with GM only at 20%.

As for the second generation 09 Honda Fit, it’s got a few upgrades that would intice those sick of high gas prices.  For example, the new 4 cylinder 1.5 litre engine now is capable of 117 horsepower, which hauls the shrunk mini-van to 60 in 9 seconds.  Not something I’d want to pull out onto the interestate with, but hey anything to save gas money right now…right?  The 09 Fit gets a reportedly 33 miles per gallon highway driving.

But let’s not forget that the pice of larger SUVs and Trucks are dropping in price right now as well.  The Sport model 09 Honda Fit comes in at $17,580 and that amount will buy you a lot more car and/or truck if you are willing to sacrifice a little gas mileage.  So that’s the main reason the Fit does not mean Go for me, but it looks like the perfect car for a girl getting ready to go to college.

09 Honda Fit

09 Honda Fit