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F Series Reign Not Affected By Gas Prices

Hard to believe, but the crazy gas prices we saw over the summer of 08 did not effect the F Series pickup sales like analysts thought it would.  Again, the Ford F Series pickup truck tops the list for the #1 selling vehicle, not truck, in the United States.  This feat was accomplished by beating out the Chevy Silverado #2, Toyota Camry #3, and Dodge Ram at #9.  Keep in mind Ford achieved sales of 515,513 amidst a drop in consumer confidence and gas prices you needed a loan for to fill up most full size pickup trucks.

An article by Motor Trend highlights the sales of the Top 10 Best Selling vehicles of 2008.  What’s most interesting is that all the vehicles in the top 10 list are showing sales drops ranging from 5% to 31%, except for one vehicle.  The Honda Civic is the only vehicle showing an increase in sales at a marginal +2.1%.  This tells me not enough people were scared enough to buy perceived better fuel efficient vehicles.  Furthermore, the quality and value of buying a Ford pickup truck holds true even in tough economic times.

I’ve said this before, but when Armageddon hits and the US goes back to the stone age, people won’t be traveling via hybrids.  It’s gonna take a 4×4, at least a full size pick up truck, to get the jobs done.  I mean, when was the last time you tried moving a mattress with a hybrid?

Ford F Series

Ford F Series

09 F-150 Fuel Economy Increase

Ford has decided to make the best even better by overhauling the fuel consumption standards of all F Series pickup trucks.  The 2009 F-150 will arrive and be the best in fuel economy and capability through extensive engineering enhancements.  New buyers of an 09 F-150 will expect an increase of 8% fuel economy over previous years in the same model type and up to 12% on V8 versions.

“Ford has committed to have the best or equal to the best fuel economy with every new product we introduce, and we are delivering with the new F-150,” said Matt O’Leary, Ford F-150 chief engineer. “Fuel economy has moved from 10th to third place among pickup buyers’ top purchase considerations — right behind durability and value. The new F-150 delivers on all three as the industry leader.”

The increased fuel economy of the 09 F-150 comes at a time none too soon, considering hurricane Ike has crippled the cost of gasoline.  Ford is modifying their upcoming vehicles to match consumer demand in safer, more reliable, more capable, and more fuel efficient categories.  Although not limited to these improvements, the 09 F series trucks will also be receiving aero dynamic changes as well, which will serve function and looks.

One of the more interesting engineering changes to the 09 F-150 is it’s aggressive fuel shut-off during deccleration.  It’s an automatic function within the fuel system that shuts off fuel when a drivers foot is removed from the gas pedal.  Fuel will then resume once a slow enough speed is reached at idle or the pedal is depressed again.  Exciting new technology that I’m assuming will find it’s way across a broad line of vehicles and not just within Ford.