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Spark Woody Pic

The special edition Chevy Spark will only be available in Europe, at least until 2012.  It’s a subcompact car, in a part of the world where competition is stiff, so special editions are required to gain notice.  Dubbed the Chevrolet Spark Woody, this wood paneled glorified golf-cart was designed to appeal to the UK youth and love of surf.

The wood paneling is fake, instead the Spark is wrapped with a vinyl decal to imitate the wood.  The iconic imagery dates back to the 30’s, when wood paneling on large station wagons was popular and a style that appealed to the younger generation of surfers.  It’s American imagery, with a pinch of vinyl pop culture, that Chevrolet hopes appeals to the subcompact car buying masses.

About the Chevy Spark

The Chevrolet Spark gets it’s go from a tiny 1.0 liter engine.  The hopeful draw will be it’s high efficiency and ability to navigate city traffic better than small car alternatives.  In addition, the Spark touts it’s connectivity, technology, and other creature comforts that will hopefully appeal to the younger market.

Chevy Spark Woody

Chevy Spark Woody