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Disandvantages To Hybrid Cars

This is a guest article on the disadvantages to driving a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly and may be the role model for the future car productions. With increasing awareness of the environment pollution, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular with consumers. The use of hybrid cars promotes a greener lifestyle. Despite that, hybrid car also have disadvantages. Buyers of hybrid car should take these disadvantages into consideration before making a decision.

Hybrid cars have high maintenance cost because of the complexity of the mechanical components. Hybrid cars use a different engine than the traditional cars so most mechanics are not equipped with the skill to repair them. If your hybrid car breaks down, you must send them back to the original manufacturer. The most expensive maintenance cost for hybrid car is the battery. Some manufacturers of hybrid cars offers extended warranty for the replacement parts. Thus, you should check with the warranty to find out the coverage plan before making a purchase.

Hybrid cars are more expensive compare to normal cars. Typically, hybrid cars cost $4000 – $6000 more for new models. The cheapest Toyota Prius causes over $20,000 in the United States and over £16,000 in the United Kingdom. However, the fuel efficiency in hybrid cars will help you to save on the gas expenses. If you buy the used hybrid car, they will not be as environmentally friendly as the new model. Some of the hybrid car models such as Prius, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima was endowed with the Smartway Elite badget because of their efficiency on greenhouse gas emissions.

The hybrid car depends on the ICE and electronic motor to operate the engine. One of the disadvantages of the battery is that it is unable to work in cold environment. In this case, the hybrid car must run on the gasoline engine if used during the winter months, thus it eliminate the fuel economy.

Some hybrid car implements the metal hydride batteries in their model. The metal hydride battery can explode if the car is crashed during a road accident because of the high voltages. Thus, the battery is exposed to a larger risk when an accident occurs. However, Toyota claimed to have reduced the risk for their hybrid cars. You will also need to replace the battery after you have traveled 150,000 to 200,000 miles which is even worse than a standard car battery. Although the Prius’ battery is said to last for a long time, it will still depend on several factors including use and abuse. The battery is very expensive to replaced.

The production of the hybrid cars involves a much complex assembly process compare to traditional cars. The two part drive train is harder to assemble so more pollutants will be emitted from the factory. According to a study, the production of hybrid car cause more pollution in the environment compare with other standard vehicles. Of course, this disadvantage is still offset by the fuel economy of the hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars have a lower performance than standard vehicles. Hybrid cars have a lower road performance in terms of the acceleration speed. Hybrid cars also have large braking noise. The engine of hybrid car is too quiet which makes parents worry about children running into the street because they are ignorant that a car is approaching.

Tips On Buying A New Hybrid Car

This is a guest article submission on tips for buying a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Since hybrid car is in production, there is already a market for them. Most of the hybrid car are manufactured by Toyota. However, you can also find hybrid car from other manufacturers such as Honda and Ford. The price of a used hybrid car is often high because they are not yet widely distributed within a marketplace.

Hybrid CarThere are two choices for American hybrid including Saturn Vue Green Line and Ford. Saturn Vue Green is not a good car because the hybrid technology of the General Motor is lousier compare to other hybrid car manufacturers such as Toyota and Ford. The Aura Green Line has a conventional ICE. It is rated as the North American car of the year in 2007. The Aura was invented by the genera motor European opal group and has a modern look. The aura green line has the same appearance as the standard Aura car but it has a higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The Chrysler pacifica is equipped with a six cylinder automatic engine. The average fuel economy for the Chrysler pacifica is 15mpg. The normal fill up cost is higher than $60. The 2005 Ford Escape hybrid is equipped with a four cylinder automatic engine. The average fuel economy for the ford escape is 30+ mpg. The normal fill up cost is approzimately $30 per tank.

When buying a used hybrid car, you must check with the dealer about the battery replacement. Toyota are well known for its high quality engineering which allows the hybrid car to drive up to 200,000 miles. Despite that, you should check the cost of the battery replacement since the hybrid car will need replacement once it reach about 100,000 miles.

You must seek warranty coverage for the used hybrid car. The warranty should provide coverage for the battery pack replacement. If the used car dealer does not offer any warranty coverage, you can request them to reduce the price accordingly since you will need to replace a new battery pack.

You can perform price comparison of different hybrid car through online comparison sites such as Automotive.com. You can also refer to the local newspaper classified to research prices for used hybrid car. Buyers of new hybrid cars are required to pay an upfront premium price. Since you are buying a used car, you should not have to pay for that premium because of the leveled hybrid prices.

To increase the warranty protection, you can find out the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned hybrid car. Toyota has been manufacturing hybrid models since 2001, so you should be able to locate dealer owned hybrids nearby you through its website.

After you had chosen a hybrid car model, you can bargain with the dealer to lower the price. When bargaining with the dealer, you can use excuses such as recently lowered car price, battery pack problem to get a lower price. If the used hybrid car is too expensive, you can consider buying a new hybrid car. New hybrid car have higher efficiency, and longer warranty period. New hybrid car also comes with a better financing package and tax break.

Economic Effects of Hybrid Vehicles

This is a guest article submission on the economic effects of driving a hybrid vehicle.

Nowadays, hybrid car is very common. Hybrid cars are not only driven by environmentalist like in the past but they have become wide spread on the motor highway. Hybrid car is appealing to consumers because it helps them to save money on fuel at the petrol station. In addition, it helps to reduce the dependence on imported oil from foreign country and the fuel price fluctuations.

Buying hybrid car will significantly reduce the air pollution by 80 – 90 percents. It will produce a higher positive outcome in urban places that often experience traffic congestion such as London.

Many car rental companies now offer chauffeur driven hybrid cars. For example, you can book a hybrid sedan from booklimo.co.uk. Hybrid are especially efficient in urban region due to the frequent stop and go conditions. With hybrid cars, you can significantly reduce harmful pollutants in the air.

Hybrid car consume less gasoline so they offer greater mileage. Hybrid cars do not depend on the gasoline because it is powered by electricity. As a result, consumer can save on fuel and lower the imports of oil in United States. The United States is the world’s largest oil consumer so hybrid cars will help to reduce the import of oil from unstable region such as the Middle East.

Although hybrid cars offer great fuel economy, it is expensive. You will have to use the car for 10 years before you can cover the car’s purchase price. In 2004, the federal government offers tax credit incentive for people who wish to purchase hybrid cars.  However, the government has phased then out in 2006. Tax credits for hybrid cars are available in certain states including Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina and Louisiana. There are also other states that offer tax and fee exemption to encourage people to buy hybrid cars. Hybrid car is more robust than a standard car so less maintenance is required. The battery of hybrid car can last for long time and the brakes will cost much cheaper to repair.

Buyers of hybrid car are qualified for a tax exemption of $2000 from the IRS. Some states offer incentives consumers of hybrid cars so you should check with the state’s offices. Maine offers partial sales exemption of up to $500 for buyers of Toyota Prius. New Mexico offers 3% of tax excemption on hybrid car that has an EPA rating of 27.5 mpg. Oregon offers a tax credit of $15000 for certain hybrid cars. Pennsylvania offers grants to lower the cost of the new hybrid cars with conditions applied. Maryland and Virginia exclude hybrid car buyers from undergoing the mandatory emissions testing.

In some cities, the municipal had joined effort with the state and federal government to encourage people to use hybrid cars. For example, in Los Angeles and San Jose, the court pass a ruling which allows people to park their hybrids for free of charge at any car park. You should always check with the local state government for renewal on the regulations.

Dwindling Car Lot Inventory

I was reading an article earlier today discussing the state of the US economy and what it means to domestic car manufacturers.  They listed the start of the recession as December of 2007, which means we are about to reach 2 years.  Couple this with the news that GM had been losing money on Saturn since day one and it’s face palm city.

They say the Midwest is always the last to feel economic changes, well let me tell you we are feeling it.  I’ve been noticing locally much of the car manufacturers are starting to not park their inventory as close together.  A few years ago you couldn’t even drive onto a car lot, now there’s enough room to maneuver a school bus.  They say we are starting to come out of the recession, I hope THEY are right.

But it’s not just new car inventory that seems to be slipping away.  I’ve been actively searching for a used car in the $10,000 range for months, without any luck.  People are holding onto their used cars longer or got rid of them 2 months ago in the cash for clunkers program.

Come on economy, start getting better, I’m tired of writing about bad news in the automotive industry.

Ford Posts $2.3 Billion Profit


So Ford posts a $2.3 billion dollar profit today for the 2nd quarter of 2009 and already the official industry experts are chiming in.  I already have  a view point on why Ford managed to get in the black for the second quarter and it has nothing to do with vehicle offerings.  That’s right, I don’t think hybrids and fuel economy had anything to do with the recent numbers published by Ford.

In my opinion Ford manged to turn $2.3 billion in profit because they received the support of the American consumer.  The regular Joe blows saw that this corporation was not taking a hand out and decided to show their support through their wallets.  The American consumer, when faced with countless options on car lots, decided to choose a Ford vehicle over GM, Chrysler, or Toyota.  It’s a sign that the majority of Americans don’t support the bail out plans in Washington.

Another driving force in sales will be whether or not the vehicle you buy now will be supported 5 or more years from now.  If you have a major component go out on your car after the warranty has expired, will parts be radically expensive, or supported by the manufacturer.  Vehicles that are discontinued generally see higher replacement parts in generic and OEM form, why put yourself in that kind of a position.

I thoroughly realize that $2.3 billion in profits is a far cry from where a company this size needs to be, especially to keep the stock holders happy.  However, in this economic environment every ray of sunshine helps to swallow the negative news around every corner.  It’s a move in the right direction and I hope Ford can prove themselves again next quarter and the American people continue to voice their opinions with their wallets.