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Complete California Driving Education To Get Your License

There are many great advantages of being a teenager. Many experience their first love when they are teenagers and almost all of them drive for the first time. The teen years are filled with a number of firsts and it is wise to know everything you can about different occasions that will arise when being a teenager. One of the best parts of being in that certain age group is learning how to drive. When one turns fifteen in the state of California, they are eligible for driver education training. It is required in the state of California to pass a driver education course before attaining your permit, which allows one to get behind the wheel of a car.

For California residents, there are a couple different choices one can make when it comes to starting the driver learning process. A teenager can choose to go to state approved driver education school or they can go to a regular school that offers the driver education class. There are countless driving schools all around the great state of California. All you have to do is look in your local phone book to find the one nearest you. Also many high schools offer this course as a part of their curriculum. However, if you are one of those rare individuals that doesn´t live near a driving school or you just don´t feel like attending a driving education school or class, you can always take this course online.

Many kids are now choosing to take this class online for several different reasons. Taking the online California driver education course has several advantages for both the teenager and the parent. Parents are benefited because they don´t have to maneuver their schedules all around to try and cart their child to and from class. They can also supervise their child as they complete the course on the computer. For teenagers, they can work at their own pace and on their own schedule. Online driving education classes work around the clock and when a teen can work at his or her own pace, they have a better chance of comprehending the material. In addition, a teen can work in the comforts of their own home and not be pressured by the classroom environment.

When a child completes this course, online or in a classroom, they are then eligible to take a DMV test which awards them their permit if passed. Most teens do not pass this test the first time so it is well advised that the teen studies hard before conducting this test. When a teen passes the written test and vision test at the DMV, the teen can then begin to drive. A licensed adult, twenty five years or older, has to be in the passenger seat though. A minimum of fifty hours behind the wheel with your parent or adult is required before taking the driver licensed test. Six hours of driving time with a driving instructor is also required before attempting to drive with a driving professional at the DMV.

When a teenager has completed this entire driving education process, they will then have a driver´s license. There are countless things teens look forward to when they are in that age group. One of those things is learning how to drive and then driving. When one has finished the California drivers ed course and training process, they can then drive.