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Toyota Tundra Detroit Truck Owners, Software Bug Fixed

Toyota Tundra Detroit drivers: When is the last time a Toyota Tundra truck went 170 miles per hour? If the answer is never, it’s the right one.

A recent Reuters article has revealed what Toyota Tundra Detroit owners already know about their trucks, and that little nugget of knowledge is Toyota Tundra’s are incapable of going 170 miles per hour. Try 120 miles per hour, which is a rare achievement.

The inaccurate speed was recorded when Toyota examined the event data recorder—more commonly known as a black box—after a one-car crash in 2007 during which the driver was killed after going off a rural road in the state of Washington. The data indicated the Toyota Tundra involved in the crash was traveling at a speed of more than 170 miles per hour at the time of the crash, something which Toyota Tundra Detroit owners know is highly unlikely unless the vehicle had been significantly modified.

Takeshi Uchiyamada, a Toyota executive in charge of product development and research, told reporters in Detroit the Toyota Tundra could not be traveling at speeds that fast, and the inconsistency was the result of a software bug from the reader that was used to recover the crash information.

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Lamborghini Sales Up For 2008

It may sound a bit odd, considering the state of upheaval the US economy and much of the world is in, but Lamborghini sales rose 1% last year. A significant amount, when you consider their cars sell for around $200k each, which is making them consider new dealerships in 2009. The super rich always seem to have money, even in a down economy.

At the Detroit auto show Lamborghini showed off their Matte Blue finish LP640. They were making a statement that those lucky enough to purchase a Lambo, were offered cosmetic options at the time of ordering. Custom colors are offered for everything from Brake Calipers to the type of leather used inside. Those with a big enough wallet can live by Lamborghini’s moto, “Think The Impossible”.