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What Bugs Me About Concept Cars

[ad#Top of Post Left]The auto shows are amazing. They show all of these super cool looking cars that are to come and some of the new features on the current model cars. They also show new designs that will be implemented on current cars. As amazing as it is, there is one thing that gets me about these shows. It’s the concept cars.

Concept cars are cars that are seriously being thought about publicly selling. When they show off a concept car they are getting feedback on the car they are thinking about releasing. Concept cars are usually not in final form but they can be almost completed as far as the body work goes.

One thing about concept cars is that they look really awesome. The new styling on some of these cars is just amazing to look at. Even if all you see are the pictures online! Now here lies the problem with concept cars. They are not done yet. They are like a teaser of the real car that may or may not be made available and produced for the public.

Take for instance the new Chevy Volt. A lot of buzz was created when GM introduced a concept car, the Chevy volt a few years ago. The car not only looked amazing it had some great features. It could run on all battery power and it did not use its gas engine to power the wheels. Instead it used its motor to power a generator to charge a set of batteries which then ran the car. Each wheel has an electric motor built in.

It has yet to be released, but it could be the style of car for the future.The future in which cars are electric. The problem is they ruined it! General Motors teased us with a beautiful looking car only to change its body style almost completely compared to the concept version. Now it looks like a Chevy Impala/Toyota Yaris smashed together. It is a bit different than the impala but it’s too similar for my liking. There is nothing wrong with the impala but what GM had was a totally new style, a body for a new never released car. It looked great and would have stood out a lot. Now for the preview of the production car we get half of what we wanted.

So that’s what bugs me about car shows and the concept cars. Just don’t fall in love with a concept car too much as you may be disappointed by the production version.

Toyota Aygo Crazy Concept Car

I’m not sure they could have found a more fitting name for this Rally looking freak show known as a Toyota Aygo Crazy.  Yes, it’s a one-off, but if you are only going to build one might as well make it amazing, which is what it looks like Toyota did.  Plenty of smooth lines, aggressive design, tight, compact, and pretty much built to race, it’s not something to go get groceries in.

Even though the Aygo Crazy is only producing 200 horsepower, the hp to weight ratio makes it a worthy opponent of any rally car.  It’s curb weight is only 1090 kg, which will allow the little Toyota Crazy to zip from 0-60 in just under 6 seconds.  The estimated top speed of this pocket demon is 125 miles per hour and I’m sure it sounds like a pissed off bumble bee the whole way.

Mercedes F700 Concept Car Pics

Mercedes has released information on a new concept car they are working on, the Mercedes F700.  The idea is to create a car with limousine power, refinement, and luxury with super low fuel consumption.  Basically it’s a new toy to make the rich feel better about using Mexicans to mow their enormous yards.  But hey, that’s just me and it does look awfully pretty and futuristic.

Mercedes F700 Concept Car

The engine is a 1.8-litre four cylinder, with twin overhead camshafts with variable timing and two turbochargers acting independently according to a series of valves in the intake system. The fuel is injected directly into the cylinders and the air enters the combustion chambers via either of the two different-sized turbochargers and an inlet-charge cooler. There is also a swirl plate to induce the fuel to spread evenly throughout the combustion charge.

The design is described by Dr Günter Karl as a different approach to the problem.  Sounds 007ish.

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