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Hyundai Accent Starting At $9,970

The Hyundai Accent is now available with pricing starting at under $10,000. The Accent is a compact car that offers big value with it’s standard features, fuel efficiency, and safety features. Competing with other compact cars, the Hyundai Accent leads the pack for the price with a ton of standard features.

Hyundai Accent SE Standard Features

[ad#Google Adsense]A Hyundai Accent SE comes standard with things like a 170 watt stereo system, A/C, power most everything, sun-roof, and even a leather wrapped steering wheel.  Whether you are small or large, getting behind the wheel of the Hyundai Accent becomes a comforting experience, thanks to it’s 6 way power adjustment.  Oddly enough, the new Hyundai Accent also provides an amazing 92.2 cubic feet of interior space.  Because of this space the Hyundai Accent is classified as a compact, yet priced like a smaller Sub-Compact.

Hyundai Accent Performance

Small cars don’t require throaty V8’s to get up to speed, so while the 110 horsepower engine may seem undersized, it’s more than sufficient to get around town safely.  Because the engine is so small and efficient, the Accent is capable of getting 36 miles per gallon.  The Accent is peppy enough to get in and out of traffic and getting up to speed via on-ramps is no problem.  It’s the perfect car for city driving or hitting the interstate for cross country trips.

Hyundai also prides itself on it’s attention to detail which contribute to the longevity of the engine.  The Hyundai Accent engine is called Alpha Series and the result of a multi-million dollar research and development phase.  Each engine is checked thoroughly before leaving the Hyundai plant and guaranteed for 10 years or 100,000 miles.  So, whether you pick the smooth automatic or sporty 5-speed transmission, you know your car will last longer than any other car in it’s class, or at least be repaired under warranty if not. 😉

Hyundai Accent Safety

Just because the Accent is small, doesn’t mean it has to skimp out on features so important as those that protect the passengers.  The Accent provides 6 air bags, which coupled with the Accent’s other safety features reduces fatalities by up to 45%.  Also standard safety highlights are Anti-Lock Brakes, and a chassis designed to absorb impact and protect passengers.

Accent Review

If I were to purchase a compact car, I think I’d strongly consider what Hyundai has to offer.  They’ve made leaps and bounds in development and design that appeals to buyers of all types.  Their cars have proven reliability and safety certifications and for the money it’s hard not to keep the Accent on the table of possible compact car purchases.  Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to go wrong when buying a brand new car for under $10,000 which comes with a 10 year warranty.

Going Big With Little In India

Ford has stormed into India’s small car market with an all new model, called a Figo.  There is already some steep competition going on in India, but Ford has placed the Figo at a price point that industry analysts feel will be competitive.  It may not mean a lot to you now, especially if you don’t live in India, but if successful think of what will happen to Ford stock!

70% of all vehicles purchased in India are small cars and Ford had yet to enter that segment.  The Ford Figo hopes to gain some of that market share, primarily owned by GM and Volkswagen.  Hard to believe that Ford can create a car this inexpensive, but the Figo will start stealing business at a measly $7,500 USD.  It begs the question, if they can do it in India, why can’t they do it in the US?

Ford Figo Pics

Hyundai i20 Pic

Small cars are just getting smaller and I’m beginning to wonder how much longer this trend will continue until Insurance and safety reasons start taking paramount.  For now, Hyundai feels that the market will keep getting stronger and have thus revealed a picture of their upcoming Hyundai i20.  For those in the US it’s like the old hatchback Metro’s or aptly named ‘Coffins on Wheels’.

Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20

Yes it gets good gas mileage, yes it’s cute if you are a 15 year old girl, and yes it may be more reliable than it’s antique predecessors, but who would really buy one?  Is this a vehicle that will potentially make it’s way into the US in any type of serious demand?  Currently it’s going to be offered in Australia and of course European markets, with diesel options.  So, I won’t even bother mentioning how many litres per kilometer it gets…cause frankly I don’t care.