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Beware Of Centercaps.net

Back in September I sugested using CenterCaps.net as a source for old hubcaps and center caps for almost any vehicle you drive.  Unfortunately, the company has not held up it’s end of the bargain and has done nothing but frustrate customers that I’ve sent to them.  This post is a warning to those looking to buy centercaps, look elsewhere. Some comments about Centercaps.net:

It looks like a good website but these guys have no customer service and do not stand behind what they sell. I ordered a cap and they sent me the wrong one. They would not respond to numerous e-mails about exchanging the cap and they do not have a phone number you can call. BUYER BEWARE! I agree with Unsatisfied. I also purchased from centercaps.net and the items never arrived! Called, emailed — never heard from them. Had to dispute the charge with Visa in order to get my money back. I’ve gotten into a big mess trying to help my folks who are not Internet-savvy to find center caps for their car. Here I thought I was doing them a favor, and it’s just a ripoff.

Avoid CenterCaps.net when possible, the reviews speak for themselves and I would hate for someone else to get ripped off.  Remember, when buying online always make sure the company you are buying from has published contact information, this helps build integrity.  Furthermore, it’s much safer to do business via a brick’n mortar business as opposed to a wholesale drop shipper.