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2011 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

The Porsche SUV never really made sense to me, at least from a familiarity perspective.  Why would a company known for their sports cars ever want to enter the suburban sport utility market?  Greed perhaps?  I don’t know, but it never jived with my understanding and sticking to core competency has always worked in the past.  Well, Porsche is throwing my thoughts all out of whack again, by introducing a green Hybrid version in the 2011 Cayenne.

The 2011 Cayenne S Hybrid is a parallel hybrid, meaning it will use both it’s gasoline engine or electric motors for power.  Depending on the load and demand the Cayenne S is capable of operating on electric or gasoline alone and a combination of the 2 when necessary.  The internal combustion engine side of the Cayenne hybrid remains pretty potent, with a V6 super charged to 333 horsepower.  The electric side of things is a completely different story, with some very misleading numbers.

Electric power can confuse age old wisdom about cars and how they operate.  Consider that the electric motor in the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid only produces 52 horsepower, but is capable of up to 210 ft lb of torque.  This means for normal load the electric motor will get the wheels turning up to speed with it’s impressive torque figures and keep its constant speed with the minimal horsepower.

According experts allowed to play with the 2011 Cayenne hybrid the V6 Hybrid version of the SUV does a convincing job of pretending it’s got a V8 under the hood, sans sound.  So if the new Cayenne S proves to be successful, how long before we see the same technology introduced into it’s other line up of performance vehicles?

Cayenne S Hybrid