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NMRA Pit Crew Pics

I’ve went through and picked out some pictures of the pit walk through at the NMRA in Joliet, IL.  Obviously attendees weren’t just allowed to walk up inside the tents and trailers of the drivers and car owners, but we were allowed pretty close when walking up to the drag strip.  Although these pictures capture the cars and workers, they don’t even touch the feeling you get in your chest when one of these monsters is fired up.

NMRA Joliet Video 2010

As I mentioned in a previous post, I got a chance to attend the NMRA in Joliet, IL.  The car show and drag racing took place last Saturday, July 17th.  Luckily, I had my handy flip video around, to catch some of the wild rides and awesome drag racing matchups.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to go through and edit all the video, so here is a quick sneak peek of what to expect.

More coming just as soon as I get a chance to edit the video.  Surely no one wants to hear the crappy banter between me and my buddies.

California Car Shows

california-car-showsNothing says summer more than a bunch of sweaty congregating people looking at hot show cars.  This is especially true if you are in California, where there are a number of car enthusiast groups that put on shows all summer.  California car shows know how to do it right, they start in February and don’t finish the season until late December, culminating with the International Auto Show in San Francisco.

Any car enthusiast will be able to find something that peaks their interest, especially in Northern California.  For example, just in July there are a handful of car shows to attend, like the Classic Car Show in Sonora, CA.  For the tuner crowd there is the epic Hot Import Nights in Pleasanton, CA on July 18th.

Planning on attending a car show but don’t have a show car to display?  No problem, there are deals to be found in places like Redding, CA.

“Whether you are looking for a trailer queen or a daily driver, they’re available,” says Dwayne Goerges of Redding Used Cars.  And thanks to NorCalCars.com, the search can be simple and efficient.  Already I’ve found a Ford Mustang I’m willing to drive 2,300 miles for.  Carless or not, we’ll see you in Cali to sweat together at the car shows.