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Common Car Care Misconceptions

Taking the maintenance of your car seriously will make your ride more secure and save you a huge amount of money.  However, what most drivers don’t know is that sound car care habits of the past are not useless nowadays.

Technology evolves, and so present cars are different from cars of the past.  Manufacturers have thought about how our driving experience can be made easier and more secure. It is time to review these myths.

The first, almost unknown, myth is that you have to change the oil and oil filter of your car every 3,000 miles. Oil change is surely still necessary. Cars don’t run a closed system in regard to oil.  However, modern technology have twofold ways of saving oil. First, modern motor parts fit better nowadays as they did in the past, so they run smoothly (literally) with less oil. The second point is that modern electronic like the OLS (Oil Life System) controls the quality of your oil and informs your when it’s time for oil change.

A second maintenance need of the past is nowadays no more necessary: no new car needs a yearly radiator flush nowadays. Cooling systems are a closed system and coolant fluid circulates without losses. Modern coolants are synthetic and designed for keeping their chemical qualities for a long long time. The only important point is using the specific coolant recommended by your manufactured. Only if your radiator is dripping or you see some loss of fluid level, you will have to take your automobile to the nearest repair shop. By the way, take specially care if your motor is overheating. The best way of destroying a motor without an accident is through a failure of the cooling system.

A third point of your car that has improved with technology are the wheels. Wheel alignments were common in the past, but in new vehicles it is only seldom necessary. Often only when you feel that your car is pulling to the left or to the right. Another different issue is the tire pressure. Tires should be kept inflated according to the recommendations of their manufactured.

Furthermore, check specifically your vehicle’s manual to keep your car tuned, but save on unnecessary and sometimes expensive services.

Change Your Spark Plugs Regularly

A spark plug is what fires the gas fumes in your cars engine to give it the power it needs to roll the wheels over. Spark plugs are very important to your car. Most people do not think much of their spark plugs and some probably do not even know what a spark plug is. You are actually supposed to change your spark plugs regularly to keep them working at peak performance but few do this. With standard spark plugs it is said you need to replace them every 45,000 miles and with Platinum spark plugs you need to change them every 100,000 miles. Most just drive their car until it causes them trouble as maintenance is not hardly thought about.

Here are a few reasons why you should change your spark plugs regularly.

1: It keeps your engine working at its peak performance

Your engine has several cylinders in it. Each one has its each spark plug that powers that individual cylinder. If one is bad you may not know it but it can cause that cylinder to
run under performance. This will cause your car to lose horse power and torque. Once several go out you will really begin to notice this.

2: Bad spark plugs can cause your catalytic converter to go out

If your spark plugs are bad your engine can misfire. A missfire can will dump unburned fuel vapors into the catalytic converter which can cause it to overheat and melt down. It may not hurt to misfire a few times but
after several times the heat can cause the catalytic converter to melt down. This will then possible cause a blockage which in turn would cause a loss of power. The blockage would also hurt your fuel economy tremendously.

3: Your car will start easier and faster in the winter

Bad plugs can be work or clogged. This will cause them to work poorly. You may not notice this in the summer months but in the winter when its harder for your motor to crank you may notice it taking longer to crank or not crank at all. Some people may think that its their battery but its really the spark plugs on the vehicle. Sometimes people will try to crank the vehicle so much that it wears the battery down. Since they are not firing properly this can also cause the car to get flooded with gas and that also would make it harder to start.

As you can see keeping your spark plugs in peak condition can save you a lot of trouble and possible a tow bill. Be sure and change them regularly!

Change Spark Plugs

Change Spark Plugs