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Discount Exhaust

Discount ExhaustInevitably the exhaust on your current ride will eventually rust and fall off.  It’s the way of all things, it does it’s job, it puts up a good fight, but eventually it succumbs to the elements.  In this case, moisture is the enemy, which will cause exhaust pipes to rust, typically around the muffler area.  This can cause some unhealthy sparks if it happens while moving down the highway, fortunately there are some inexpensive discount exhaust systems available online.

Most discount exhaust packages can be installed in your garage and don’t require a high cost mechanic.  When replacing a midpipe, most kits come with the flanges require to attach to the existing headers and mufflers, which will negate the use of a torch.  At most the use of a hack saw may be required to move difficult or welded in pipes, elbow grease works wonders.

If you are starting to get a raspy rough sound coming from your exhaust it might just require changing out your muffler or exit pipe at the rear of the vehicle.  Discount mufflers are available and usually provide a comparable quality to higher priced components.  If discount prices is all you are looking for, then your second concern will be if the exhaust component keeps you legal.  However, if you are performance minded the brand name components like Flomaster Mufflers may be the way to go.

All states have slightly different emission laws and some counties within a state may require checks before you can license your vehicle.  Know the laws before placing an order for discount exhaust online or call your local shop, they may be nice enough to make some suggestions.

Start your discount exhaust search at AutoPartsWarehouse.com by selecting your model vehicle below.  If you have any questions regarding exhaust components or help diagnosing please feel free to post in the comments below.

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SUV And Truck Comparisons

[ad#Google Adsense]Comparing an SUV with a Truck many will say is like comparing an apple to an orange. Is a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) considered a truck? Or better yet is a truck a Sports Utility Vehicle?  To figure that out we need to define what a truck really is. Can the two be separated into two different categories? Like this: a truck has an open back bed and the SUV is a heavier sporty van.

Truck owners will say that a truck is a pickup in which you can carry 4’x8′ sheets plus. The SUV owner has this to say: a SUV is a passenger vehicle which can combine the towing capacity and strength of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan meshed with on or off road capability.

With today’s gas prices there are quite a few Trucks and SUVs for sale countrywide. The following are important facts to consider when looking for new or used trucks and SUVs.

Drive/Tranny: Most trucks come with either manual and automatic transmissions as well as two- and four-wheel drive—SUVs also have both transmission options however most SUV’s are 4x4s

Size: Trucks fall into the compact or full-size category, although there are a couple considered mid-size—SUVs come built on either truck or car chassis.

Safety: Most trucks offer such safety equipment as front air-bags and seat-belts for each passenger—SUVs come with the same.

Passenger Capacity: Trucks have 3 body styles. 1) Regular cab has 2 doors and seats 2-3 comfortably. 2) Extended cab mainly adds extra storage space behind the front seats. 3) Full sized Crew cab version can seat 3 additional passengers with 4 doors—SUVs offer full seating in the front for 2 and 3 in the real with 4 side doors.

Versatility of Interior Seating: Most trucks with crew cabs offer the ability to either fold the entire rear seat up or at least one half—most SUVs have fold down seats too or the rear seats can be taken out too.
Towing Ability: This all depends on the size of the truck and its engine—SUVs can also be used for towing, the weight varies with engine size.

Operating Costs: A compact truck is relatively fuel-efficient and fairly cheap to insure however as you add size and cylinders so will the cost of insurance as is the addition of four-wheel drive to any trucks—SUVs are higher to insure them trucks.

Fuel efficiency: This again depends on the engine and body size of the truck—SUVs can be slightly more gas-thirsty, especially if they’re towing.

When buying a used Truck or SUV the only consideration has to be given to the purpose of the vehicle. With other words the construction worker would probably get better use out of a pick-up truck and the SUV would deliver a slightly sportier experience.

Used Hybrid Cars

Let others take a bath in the depreciation of a new hybrid car, be the smarter sharper and purchase a used hybrid car.  Already there are a lot of hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius for sale on used car lots.  But the internet is the better way to shop and take advantage of areas with a larger supply of hybrid cars that create a buyers market.

Hybrid cars are all about looking green and what better way to save green than buying used hybrid cars.  As of this posting there are over 75 used Toyota Prius’s on eBay.  The prices of these used hybrids range in price from $4,000 to $16,000 but are generally in the neighborhood of $10,000.  This is a huge savings over the cost of buying a new Toyota Prius hybrid.

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If the Toyota Prius isn’t your bag then you can also find a used Nissan Altima Hybrid for sale.  As of this posting it looks like a used hybrid Altima can be purchased for around $15,000.

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Mustangs For Sale

So are we getting into the wrong time of year for a buyer looking for mustangs for sale?  Personally I’m already kicking myself for not buying a new project Mustang to play with and break over the winter time.  Unfortunately with warmer weather comes higher prices for mustangs for sale.

I sold my 92 LX last summer, mainly because I was over my head.  Now, I’ve been getting the itch, like everyone else, which is driving the cost of Mustangs through the roof on eBay and local classifieds.  While during the winter a nice running mid 90’s Ford Mustang GT could be had for under $5,000 with plenty of goodies.

The outlook doesn’t look good and I fully expect the price of Mustangs for sale to continue to rise until sometime in December.  Maybe I’ll luck out and find an actual local listing for a decent Mustang on Craigslist.

Auto Parts Warehouse Coupons, $80 Off

On occasion I will be given some coupon codes to hand out to the Grayline visitors and today I’m posting a whole bunch of offers for Auto Parts Warehouse.com.  These automotive coupons can be used for any purchase, for any brand and only provide bigger savings the more you buy.

All of the AutoPartsWarehouse.com coupons below include free shipping:

* Get $10 OFF + FREE SHIPPING for purchases of $125 and more! (Use Coupon Code ‘125APW‘ [Expires March 31, 2009])
* Get $20 OFF + FREE SHIPPING for purchases of $250 and more! (Use Coupon Code ‘250APW‘ [Expires March 31, 2009])
* Get $40 OFF + FREE SHIPPING for purchases of $500 and more! (Use Coupon Code ‘500APW‘ [Expires March 31, 2009])
* Get $80 OFF + FREE SHIPPING for purchases of $1000 and more! (Use Coupon Code ‘1KAPW‘ [Expires March 31, 2009])

AutoPartsWarehouse offers any kind of product from air filters, auto taillights, to performance equipment like exhaust and more.  Just make sure after placing your order, to place the coupon code listed above into the checkout box.  Also, remember these coupons will only run in the month of March.  And thanks to AutoPartsWarehouse.com for clueing us in on these great coupons.

Auto Parts Warehouse $50 OFF