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Chevy Name Going Away?

Chevy AKA ChevroletRecently it was released that Chevrolet sent out a memo requesting all employees to start referring to the brand as Chevrolet and to never refer to the brand as Chevy again.  Siting consistency and wanting to create a more proper brand name and image, the nick name Chevy is to not be used.

It’s a backwards move, especially considering the name Chevy has been used by customers and even Chevrolet themselves since World War II.  The marketing team felt that it was important to establish a consistent name with a proper name like Chevrolet, giving examples like Apple and Coke.  However, they left out some important information, like how Coke is short for Coca-Cola and Apple products are typically referred to as their model name, ex. iPad, iPhone.

It was noted by the New York Times that the Chevy name is still in use on the companies website.  A bit abrupt of a change, if you don’t even start from the top and work your way down!?  Perhaps if the name Chevy was becoming to generic, when referring to automobiles.  Much like Kleenex refers to any tissue paper, but there is still recognition to Chevrolet brand when someone hears the word Chevy.

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