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Rear Wiper Blade Replacement

Replacing the rear wiper blade is an important, although frequently overlooked, part of regular maintenance on a vehicle.   Typically only SUV’s, vans, and minivans will have a rear wiper blade, because of the slope of the rear windshield.  Rain water and debris will typically not cascade properly off of this surface, so having a functioning rear wiper blade is important.

The past 2 days have been treacherous for me, due to all the freezing rain and snow we’ve received in the midwest.  Now, I always make sure that my front wipers are in top working condition, but blasted if I didnt’ forget the rear wiper.  Although my rear defrost works like a charm, it couldn’t keep up with the freezing rain and my rear wiper wasn’t even good enough to wipe the snow away.

The predicament I was in could have easily been avoided, had I just remembered to routinely check and replace my rear wiper.  It’s more important than you know, especially if ice is building up faster than your defrost can work.  It may be fine during just rain, but when snow and other things start building up you will appreciate that rear wiper a lot more.