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BMW, Praying On The Young

Is the latest idea out of the big heads at BMW to target younger buyers? Surely not, at least in todays economy, do younger people really have enough money to purchase a new car…let alone a beamer? It looks like the answer to both questions is a resounding Yes and Yes. Maybe I’ve made some poor life choices(insert career choices), but I did not have the cash to pony up to buy a BMW when I was younger.

Getting back to when I was younger, I guess it all depends on which side of the hill you are judging age from, but the new target audience is 30-40 years old. Apparently, this is YOUNG! BMW will be marketing a new 1-Series Coupe to this age demographic and of course men will be the primary targets. The trim on this sporty sedan tells the tale of an early mid life crisis.

According to BMW the 1-Series will be available on May 20 and come with two different engine packages. The first is a naturally aspirated 3.0 V6 and the second is a Twin Turbo version of the 3.0. Whoa, that will damn near blow the depends off of grandpa. At last, men going bald at the age of 35 and making more money than you can shake a stick at will have a car made just for them.

BMW 1-Series Coupe available on May 20

It’s sleek, sharp looking, powerful, I’m sure it will sell well to the younger crowd that can afford it.
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