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Self Parking Vehicles

I’ve yet to see one flying car, but that doesn’t mean advancements in the automotive industry can still have the flavor of science fiction.  For example, today Ford announced that they will be releasing 2 different models of Lincoln’s that are capable of parking themselves.  The target audience for the Lincoln model cars will no doubt appreciate the ability of a self parking vehicle, saving scratches and the lives of small animals everywhere.

The self parking mechanism and technology being developed by Ford will focus on parrallel parking.  This leap in auto technology will be featured of the Lincoln model MKS Sedan and MKT crossover.  This new advancement will be demod at the North American International Auto Show, for a sneak peak of what 2009 will bring, check out the Ford booth.

In other auto show news, Ford plans on debuting their hybrid Ford Fusion, which is capable of producing 41 miles per gallon.  Yes, 41, which is exactly 8 more mpg than the nearest competitor Toyota Camry hybrid.  Domestic vehicles will be stepping up their focus on technology and economy for 09, showing the foreign group that they still have some tricks up their sleeves, at least Ford does.