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Tesla Motors Testing Electric Car

No more laboratory research and development, the first Tesla electric sports car is out on the road currently being tested.  Hard to believe, but the car is actually being driven for a day by an individual, not involved with Tesla Motors.  Perry Hariri, which won the auction to drive the Tesla car for a day, won the auction off of a philanthropy auction site.  But what does this mean for the tentative release of the Tesla all electric sports car?

Dubbed the Model S, Tesla’s first offering is a sedan, which faces obstacles before actually making it to the assembly line.  For starters, the green car maker is facing environmental concerns with the plant it just purchased.  According to the state of California, Tesla is responsible for the previous owners ground contamination, which has been stalling more than it’s IPO.

“Because of their qualified success so far, Tesla has helped create this acceptance of the idea of a luxury electric vehicle,” he says. “Now the notion that electric vehicles actually do have a place in a range of transportation options is no longer a radical idea.”

Tesla Motors (TSLA) is currently selling for just $19.57, dropping low after a 52-week high of $30.42 per share.  Is the economy ready for a luxury all electric vehicle?  Tesla thinks so and is pushing forward to an early release of the Model S all electric sedan, yet just trying to juggle the responsibilities of producing thousands of cars a year.  Sounds like a good problem to have.