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Aftermarket Auto Parts

The aftermarket auto parts industry is supported by enthusiasts and help shape what becomes standard on future vehicles.  Customers need better than OEM components, because they push their vehicles to the limit, they want more bang for their buck.  Of course, every industry has it’s pitfalls and the automotive aftermarket is no exception.  Scams, lies, and faulty aftermarket auto parts litter the internet, so below are some of my tips on buying smart.

Buy From A Trusted Aftermarket Auto Parts Manufacturer

Just because you aren’t buying OEM products doesn’t mean there aren’t known companies to trust.  Generally speaking when thinking of cold-air intakes, I think of BBK, and when I think of drag suspension I think of Eibach.  The point being that when buying brand name components, you are protecting your investment, and reducing the risk of getting faulty components.

Furthermore, buying from quality manufacturers in the after market auto parts industry, a warranty is generally included.  Aftermarket components are not cheap, so a warranty can help you sleep at nigt, after you place that charge on your card.

Buy From A Trusted Aftermarket Auto Parts Website

Not all aftermarket auto parts website are created equal.  It’s very easy for people to throw up a website, that looks like official, but may be a fly by night company.  If the deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so stay away from websites offering a product for $100’s less than everywhere else.  If in doubt, look for a contact phone number, reputable companies in the aftermarket auto industry will offer a way to speak directly to customer service, not just a static web page.

Stay Away From Promises That Sound Crazy

Yes, I’m looking at you ‘Tornado’, or super charge your car with Home Depot components manuals.  This is absurd, won’t work, and will most likely destroy your car, at best.  If you just have money burning a hole in your pocket, send it my way, don’t waste your time with over promised goods that are hair brained.

Speaking of over promises and under delivering, eBay is a haven for such predators of the aftermarket auto industry.  Individuals hide behind good feedback for other products and the try to sell you junk, make their money, and move on.  A few years ago, one of the hottest selling items on eBay was a chip to increase horsepower in your car.  Turns out, it was just a resistor that did nothing for your vehicle, except maybe cause lower gas mileage.  Didn’t stop people from buying them by the truck loads though, just because it was on eBay and cheap.

Don’t be stupid.

Return Policies On Aftermarket Auto Parts

Find out the return policy for the website that you are buying your aftermarket components from.  It’s real easy when buying aftermarket parts to buy the wrong thing, say for the wrong year car, different model, etc.  Mistakes happen and knowing if the website you buy from will support you and take the product back can make or break a deal in my book.  Expect a restocking fee, but a reputable company should accept returns and help make sure you are happy with your purchase.


Enthusiasts help drive the automotive industry and thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to add aftermarket components to your vehicles.  Some parts are real easy to change, especially with all the information on do-it-yourself manuals that can be found the net over.  Follow some of these simple tips and buying aftermarket auto parts online should be a rewarding and money saving experience for that next project.  And it’s worth repeating, dont’ be stupid, if it’s too good to be true, it’s a lie.

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