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Lamborghini Sales Up For 2008

It may sound a bit odd, considering the state of upheaval the US economy and much of the world is in, but Lamborghini sales rose 1% last year. A significant amount, when you consider their cars sell for around $200k each, which is making them consider new dealerships in 2009. The super rich always seem to have money, even in a down economy.

At the Detroit auto show Lamborghini showed off their Matte Blue finish LP640. They were making a statement that those lucky enough to purchase a Lambo, were offered cosmetic options at the time of ordering. Custom colors are offered for everything from Brake Calipers to the type of leather used inside. Those with a big enough wallet can live by Lamborghini’s moto, “Think The Impossible”.

F Series Reign Not Affected By Gas Prices

Hard to believe, but the crazy gas prices we saw over the summer of 08 did not effect the F Series pickup sales like analysts thought it would.  Again, the Ford F Series pickup truck tops the list for the #1 selling vehicle, not truck, in the United States.  This feat was accomplished by beating out the Chevy Silverado #2, Toyota Camry #3, and Dodge Ram at #9.  Keep in mind Ford achieved sales of 515,513 amidst a drop in consumer confidence and gas prices you needed a loan for to fill up most full size pickup trucks.

An article by Motor Trend highlights the sales of the Top 10 Best Selling vehicles of 2008.  What’s most interesting is that all the vehicles in the top 10 list are showing sales drops ranging from 5% to 31%, except for one vehicle.  The Honda Civic is the only vehicle showing an increase in sales at a marginal +2.1%.  This tells me not enough people were scared enough to buy perceived better fuel efficient vehicles.  Furthermore, the quality and value of buying a Ford pickup truck holds true even in tough economic times.

I’ve said this before, but when Armageddon hits and the US goes back to the stone age, people won’t be traveling via hybrids.  It’s gonna take a 4×4, at least a full size pick up truck, to get the jobs done.  I mean, when was the last time you tried moving a mattress with a hybrid?

Ford F Series

Ford F Series

2008 Honda CRV EX-L

The all new Honda CRV EX-L has finally made it onto the market and reviews are starting to come in.  It looks like as a whole Honda is doing something right and most can understand why their sales are still doing good.  For some professional reviewers ‘lust’ seems to be the only way to descrive the new CRV.

One has to be careful when describing the Honda CR-V. Words like style, good looks, and quality are fine for almost any old car, but with Honda, only such expressions as sculpting, sultry shape, aerodynamics, meticulous attention, and captivating detail can do any kind of job describing an absolutely stunning vehicle.

I’ve ridden in a few CRV’s, granted not a 08 CRV EX-L, but enough to realize the price tag does not match what you get.  Tiny underpowered SUV’s make me feel like I have one foot in the grave and if I’m gonna go this small I might as well purchase a nice mid-size car.  But, for what it’s worth, it looks like Honda is starting to add a little head room and expanding on the idea that an SUV is meant for hauling, not just to look cute.

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

08 Nissan Altima Hybrid

If you are not aware, hybrid technology is extremely expensive to develop and implement, that’s why some manufacturers are striking deals. A few years ago Nissan made a deal with Toyota to buy into their hybrid technology, which will allow them to produce their next hybrid vehicle, the 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid.

The ability for Nissan to ‘buy into’ the hybrid technology Toyota has already developed will save them countless dollars to develop the technology in house. The engine lurking under this hood will be a little less potent that your normal internal combustion Nissan engine, but couple with the electric motor should produce up to 198 horsepower. The Nissan Altima hybrid will be running on the 2.5 liter QR25 engine.

As you can tell from the 08 Altima picture above, there are no different styling cues that will separate the hybrid from the normal Altima. There will be some hybrid badges, but everything else will remain the same, just like the 07 Altimas.

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2008 Chevrolet Captiva Going Automatic

India will be getting a treat later on this year when Chevy decides to release it’s Captiva in an automatic. Two versions will be available, including a regular gas guzzling engine and diesel. The diesel would be India’s first diesel soft roader.

I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it looks hot.

India Chevy Captiva

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