2010 VW Golf R20 Spy Pics

MotorAuthority.com has just released some great spy pics of the all new 2010 Volkswagen Golf R20.  These spy pictures of the 2010 Golf are unhindered by typical spy camouflage and instead show off the new VW Gold design ques.  This sporty Golf will come packed with a surprisingly powerful 2.0 litre Turbo Charged engine.

Obviously it looks like it will still have the famed VW handling, at least in the TDI trim.  The hatch pictured below is expected to produce a whopping 270 horsepower, unheard of in typical 4 cylinder engines…even turbo charged ones.  This golf is already sizing up to be a huge hit and great follow up to the wildly popular R32 model Golf of years past.

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Hybrid Diesel Electric Niche For US

Right now as I speak the US automakers are stumbling all over themselves to come up with a plan of action which will allow them to get $25 billion dollars in aid from Congress.  One of the requirements, before they fork over the cash, is for the automakers to produce an action plan in regards to how the money will be spent and insure they will not be in this same dire position down the road.  It’s believed that their focus will shift toward cutting existing lines and producing more fuel efficient vehicles and that may mean bringing a hybrid diesel electric to the US market.

The technology is not new, rather it’s been used for years in the train industry, dating back as far as the 1920’s.  Today VW is leading the way with hybrid diesel electric engineering and using the technology in their VW Golf.  The hybrid VW is capable of getting up to 70 miles per gallon, but will not be distributed in the United States.  According to VW the technology would be too expensive to build and bring into the US, thus creating a potential market for domestic manufacturers.

Another hurdle US automanufacturers are faced with is the longevity of their current vehicles on the market.  More people are holding onto their existing cars for longer and even more are buying used, rather than new.  For example, it’s easier to buy used diesel vehicles and let someone else take a bath in the depreciation after driving off the lot.

I believe serious thought needs to be put into engineering a quality hybrid diesel electric car for the domestic market.  The need for more fuel efficient cars isn’t going anywhere and if the automakers hope to pull themselves out of their gas guzzling hole then something needs to change.  The current trend of cornering the large SUV and Truck market is obviously failing as a business model and 70 mpg is an appealing buy for anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Golf Diesel Electric

Golf Diesel Electric

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Skip A Hybrid

Hybrids are getting a lot more attention as gas prices go up. Now you see more and more of the popular but ugly Toyota Prius on the roads. Hybrids are good cars because they get great fuel mileage but its limited to the city. Once you get out on the freeway you will see very little difference between a hybrid model car and its regular non hybrid model.

If you do mostly city driving a hybrid is a great choice as it gains electricity back with regenerative breaking. This means when you stop it uses generators to gain back energy as you stop. When you are not stopping and going like on the freeway you can see why Hybrids do not do well on freeways.On a freeway you might not like a Hybrid being they usually have like a 1.3 liter gas motor that will be powering you. They use a small motor so it does not burn much gas and at freeways speeds you wont have much passing power.

There is another way to get good fuel mileage and you wont have to worry about any of these set backs the hybrids have. What I am talking about is a diesel vehicle. Diesel engines are more efficient than gas engines but you don’t usually see them in cars but in big trucks. In Europe diesel engines are very popular but in America they are not. As fuel prices go up they are starting to make more sense in the USA too.

One diesel car the Jetta Beetle can get 50 miles per gallon without any hybrid technology! The same goes for the other 2 models Jetta makes that runs on diesel. All 3 models get great fuel mileage and have none of the set backs a hybrid has. These are not the stinky diesels of the past but clean diesels of the future. One guy even did some minor modifications to a diesel beetle and he is getting a steady 70+ miles per gallon! He added a different spoiler and a free flow catalytic converter among other things and that was all it took.

A Jetta is also a good bit cheaper than a Hybrid and you never have to replace batteries. Honda may bring over a diesel in the near future, the Honda Civic Diesel! If you want good fuel mileage without hybrid set backs take a look into a diesel car. They might just save you a lot of money!

Diesel Jetta

Diesel Jetta

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Tuning Your Car

VW Golf Tuning

VW Golf Tuning

[ad#Google Adsense]Most cars that leave the factory are submitted to lots of tests with different setups. But then they go to the market with a setup suitable for most countries, and for an average driver. If you are an experience driver and a car to you is not a means of transport only, then those standard cars are not for you. You can however ask for a more sport setup of load the car with OEM accessories.

Some times that is not enough and then car tuning can be the way to go. Car tuning is the process of modifying and enhancing a vehicle’s performance and style through engine, suspension and body modifications. It is both an industry and a hobby.

Tuning began not long after the invention and mass production of the automobile. People that love cars and are passionate by tuning life style, feel the need to modify their vehicle to be unique, faster and safer to drive.

There are probably many people that don’t quite understand the mentality of a tuner and in particularly why they spend so much money on a car which will never be a profitable investment. However, for those for whom this is a passion or a way of life this is the best possible investment, and is the reason to get out of bed in the morning.

The interest of tuning is increasing exponentially and almost every town or village, no matter how small, has car tuning fans, events and companies that modify cars or just sell tuning parts.

As the tuning industry has grown, numerous different tuning styles have grown up, as well because there are also lots of cult and interests, music and different urban styles. Different countries regulations and economics also play a role in the type and quality of car tuning. From hot rods to the import scene, from German cleanest style to the most incredible show cars, you can see that today car tuning is very popular.

Car tuning companies are also everywhere. Of course the US, Europe and Japan concentrate most of them. Experts like Brabus, Techart, Dinan, Novitec, Veilside, Wald, Rieger, Oettinger can customize your car and improve the looks, performance, comfort and safety. You get a most exclusive car that will turn heads when you drive.

And you might think that there are cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley and others that could not be improved or people who buy them don’t care about tuning. Well you are wrong, even these cars can be customized and some companies develop exclusive programs to tune these cars and to make them even more exclusive.

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New Touareg R50

The newest SUV from Volkswagen, the Touareg R50 is just MASSIVE.  We are talking meaty in a way that European cars and SUVs are not, we’re talking this thing has more room than a modest flat for the majority of those blokes(How about some tea and crumpets? -ed).  Also, the Touareg R50 is capable of pumping out over 350 horsepower, so you know it’s coming, and you know to stay out of it’s way.

The sleek lines of the VW SUV make it righ at home amongst the city lights, which is good considering you probably dont’ want to take this thing off roading any time soon.  The Touareg R50 is over $110,000 USD, which probably means you don’t know what offroad is anyways.  Furthermore, the price of gas probably doesn’t effect where you drive either.

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2009 Volkswagen Passat CC

I’m really not much of a VW fan and after seeing the new 2009 Volkswagen Passat not much has changed.  I’m not exactly sure what target audience the new Passat is aimed at, but my guess is those people are in their mid 90’s and about to go way of the Dodo, so why still build for them?

Perhaps it goes over better in the European market but in the US, for the price I’m sure a better lookign Mercedes or Lexus would be better received.  The Passat’s interior could possibly be it’s only saving grace and the seat designs are fantastic.  But now, the more I think of it, the 2009 VW Passat kind of reminds me of a casket with wheels, so maybe they are targeting the right audience.

09 Volkswagen Passat

Passat on eBay
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