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Saturn Astra Pictures

New in 2008 is the high tech Saturn Astra, a European styled car brought to the US. It’s being branded as a premium compact car, probably to justify the higher price tag. Also unique to an American car is that it’s only available in a single engine configuration trim, a 4cyl, but like other European cars it makes up in suspension where it lacks in power. Go figure.

Saturn Astra

Saturn Astra

Saturn Astra

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Soccer Mom’s On Saturn

Saturn Outlook XR MiniVanI love a good play on words, especially when they involve planets so close to Uranus.

Introducing the new Outlook XR from Saturn. A sort of minivan slash SUV mind trip that attempts to make being a minivan owner cool again. My generation has taken a step back from the minivan craze and decided that SUV’s are the way to go, apparently Saturn thinks otherwise.

$30,000 will buy you a real nice V8 SUV or a nicely equipped V6 XR. Able to seat 8 people and weighs in at around 4700, according to Modern Mom it has plenty of pick up. Watch out Dodge, there is a new hybrid in town.

Saturn Aura XR recently published a review on the 07 Saturn Aura XR, from a jaded writer none the less. Used to Tupperware style paneling, no haggle sales, and a general hippie personality Saturn apparently got this one right, at least with this tester.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve always seen them in a similar way to which I might look at Feng Shui. It’s all right for some, if you like that sort of thing, but not for me, I’m afraid. You see, I like to polish “real metal”, and I almost enjoy the fun of the car buying game, as it brings out the “market trader” in me.

Priced at $30k, it’s not for everyone but perhaps a good sell to those in that price bracket. It looks like it’s priced accordingly, when you take the no hassle approach. I’m with the reviewer, Saturn is still not for me, even if I was in the 30k market. 😉