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09 Porsche 911 Turbo

Reviews are starting to pop up everywhere for the new Porsche 09 911 Turbo and everyone is beaming with excitement over the all new automatic transmission.  According to professional car experts it’s the first automatic EVER to be considerd for a replacement for those that love manual shift fast cars.  Apparently it’s worth the $5,560 option to get the, 5 years in the making, auto transmission.

Cosmetic wise the 09 911 has seen a few updates, like LED running day time lights and signals.  Also there are more wheel choices to match your personal taste when buying a new 911 Turbo.

Other than the above points it’s more of the same, which is a winning combination.  If I were to hit the lottery and purchase one new car, this would be it.  The 09 911 smells like sex, looks like sex, and loves being put in the garage still dripping wet.

09 Porsche 911

09 Porsche 911

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9 Creepy Halloween Cars

Looking towards the upcoming holiday I took it upon myself to find a collection of creepy vehicles for your Halloween themed pleasure.  Now these spooky and admittedly scary cars, trucks, and vans are a collection based on different reasons.  Not only can a vehicle be scary for what it looks like, but more importantly who may be driving them.

Free Candy Van

Free Candy Van

What’s Cool On eBay Today?

RV-4 on eBay

RV-4 on eBay

An RV-4 home built aircraft is up for sale on eBay right now and gaining a ton of attention.  Not only has this home made aircraft brought almost 4,000 views but also currently stands at 31 bids and $14,766.  The real beauty about this RV-4 is that it’s not even complete yet!


Engine: Lycoming O-320-D2J, 160hp with 1921 hours TTSN (1982). It was removed from a previous aircraft in July 1998. Complete engine logs are provided.

Significant maintenance includes

  • Cylinders #1 and #3 were replaced with new ones at 1788 TTSN in 1993,
  • The carburetor was overhauled at 1833 TTSN in 1994.
  • It was last inspected at 1921 TTSN in Nov 1997.

Propeller: not included.

Instruments and Avionics: None

Miscellaneous: Located at Spirit of St. Louis airport (SUS) in Chesterfield, MO.

This makes me wonder, who purchases home built aircraft on eBay?  Are there not safety concerns, quality standards, or other tidbits of information one would concern themselves with when purchasing such a risky item?  If not, then I know what business it’s time for me to get into.

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Is A Prius Or Yaris Going To Cost Me More In The Long Run

A Toyota Prius starts at $22,000 and a yaras 5 door starts at $14,200 for a difference of $7,800 how long will it take to save gas enought to pay for the difference? We look at the lowest gas prices in several different states and cam up with a average cost of $3.50 a gallon. If gas prices stay the same for the next 5 years here is what it will cost for 10,000 15,000 and 20,000 miles a year

  • 34 MPG average for the Yaris 50 MPG average for the Prius that what I get in my 06 Prius
  • 10,000 294 Gallons a year for the Yaris and 200 Gallons for the Prius = 1029 for the Yaris and $700 a year for the Prius a $329 savings a year
  • 15,000 miles a year $1543.5 Yaris and $1050 for Prius saving $496.50 a year with the Prius
  • 20,000 miles a year 588 Gallons a year $2058 Yaris and 400 Gallons a year $1400 Prius $658 savings a year

So lets look at 5 years at 20,000 miles a year $3280 in total savings 10 years $6560 but what if gas raises 50 cents a year your gas cost would rise about 100 each year. 5 years would become 4280 and 10 years would become $11,060 in the case you would save a few thousand so buying a Prius is only a good deal if gas prices continue to rise and you drive $20,000 miles a year

09 Saturn Aura

Over 30 miles per gallon and a fairly potent 4 cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed transmission makes the 09 Aura a winner as far as I’m concerned.  Although it still kind of looks bland, as much of the Saturn car line up does, it fits the bill in terms of economy and luxury.

Reviews are pouring in that love the great buy that is the 09 Saturn Aura at less than $25,000.  The 09 Aura is getting extra marks in it’s interior department due to it’s mix of elegance and ‘just enough’ functionality.  Furthermore the double stitched and supportive seats fit perfectly for the reviewers who took it for a spin.

But where the 09 Aura gets the most praise is where the 6-speed transmission meets the 4 cylinder engine.  Instead of being clunky and jumping through only 4 gears under heavy acceleration, the Aura is smooth and precise.  The extra automatic gears gives the illusion that you are driving a much more sophisticated and expensive car.

The four-cylinder XR delivers. It hits 33 mpg on the highway — outperforming the Camry and Honda Accord. It manages 22 mpg in the city, which seems a little low, but acceptable when you consider average mileage is in the high 20s.

09 Saturn Aura

09 Saturn Aura