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SUV And Truck Comparisons

[ad#Google Adsense]Comparing an SUV with a Truck many will say is like comparing an apple to an orange. Is a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) considered a truck? Or better yet is a truck a Sports Utility Vehicle?  To figure that out we need to define what a truck really is. Can the two be separated into two different categories? Like this: a truck has an open back bed and the SUV is a heavier sporty van.

Truck owners will say that a truck is a pickup in which you can carry 4’x8′ sheets plus. The SUV owner has this to say: a SUV is a passenger vehicle which can combine the towing capacity and strength of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan meshed with on or off road capability.

With today’s gas prices there are quite a few Trucks and SUVs for sale countrywide. The following are important facts to consider when looking for new or used trucks and SUVs.

Drive/Tranny: Most trucks come with either manual and automatic transmissions as well as two- and four-wheel drive—SUVs also have both transmission options however most SUV’s are 4x4s

Size: Trucks fall into the compact or full-size category, although there are a couple considered mid-size—SUVs come built on either truck or car chassis.

Safety: Most trucks offer such safety equipment as front air-bags and seat-belts for each passenger—SUVs come with the same.

Passenger Capacity: Trucks have 3 body styles. 1) Regular cab has 2 doors and seats 2-3 comfortably. 2) Extended cab mainly adds extra storage space behind the front seats. 3) Full sized Crew cab version can seat 3 additional passengers with 4 doors—SUVs offer full seating in the front for 2 and 3 in the real with 4 side doors.

Versatility of Interior Seating: Most trucks with crew cabs offer the ability to either fold the entire rear seat up or at least one half—most SUVs have fold down seats too or the rear seats can be taken out too.
Towing Ability: This all depends on the size of the truck and its engine—SUVs can also be used for towing, the weight varies with engine size.

Operating Costs: A compact truck is relatively fuel-efficient and fairly cheap to insure however as you add size and cylinders so will the cost of insurance as is the addition of four-wheel drive to any trucks—SUVs are higher to insure them trucks.

Fuel efficiency: This again depends on the engine and body size of the truck—SUVs can be slightly more gas-thirsty, especially if they’re towing.

When buying a used Truck or SUV the only consideration has to be given to the purpose of the vehicle. With other words the construction worker would probably get better use out of a pick-up truck and the SUV would deliver a slightly sportier experience.

Automotive Oil – What To Buy

[ad#Google Adsense]Buying automotive oil for your car is like picking out a type of cereal, there are tons of options.  Furthermore, each brand and type seem to offer the best solution and advancements others don’t have.  So how is a person, looking to change their own oil, supposed to pick out the right price point for the best benefit to their engine?  Well, I’m here to help you sort it out.

In this article I will only be covering standard automotive oil for passenver car and trucks.  If you are looking for automotive oil for a big rig, atv, or something else, please move along because that starts getting a little more complicated on the type of application you want to protect against.  Let’s start by looking at the factors that need to be considered with your individual car, to make the right decision.

How Many Miles

Depending on how many miles your car has will dictate what type of oil you need, or rather which would be best suited to protect your engine.  Special automotive oil for high mileage vehicles, over 75,000 miles, will be formulated to better treat seals, rings, and other engine components that become brittle in older engines.

Valvoline recommends a product called Max Life, which specifically treats engine seals to help prevent leaks which are common on high mileage engines.  Furthermore it aids in cold starts, prevents and cleans deposits, and ultimately improve fuel consumption and horsepower.

Valvoline also offers automotive oil in what’s called a dura blend formula, which also protects agains the previously mentioned ailments of high mileage engines.  It’s a blend of synthetic and conventional automotive oil, which provides longer life and time inbetween oil changes.  Also it contains additives that protect against your engine better than any conventional motor oil currently on the market.

Valvoline VV291 DuraBlend SAE 5w-30 Motor Oil, Pack of Six 1 Quart Bottles

Temperature Where You Drive

Temperature also plays a vital role in which automotive oil you need to give your engine to drink.  Sythentics are recommended for extreme temperatures, since it’s less likely to break down in extreme heat or cold.  By providing faster oil flow at colder temperatures Valvoline’s Full Syn Power is capable of providing optimal starting power in extreme cold weather.

For high temperature environments full synthetic blend will protect your engine from wear.  The sythentic oils improved viscosity stability means more protection in bad weather conditions.

Valvoline VV966 SynPower Motor Oil SAE 5W-40, Pack of Six 1 Quart Bottles

Oil W’s

The ‘W’ in engine formulations refers to Winter, contrary to popular myth that it’s referring to weight.  The w is found in automotive formulations like 5w30 and 10w30.  Again, the W in automotive oil is short for Winter, not weight.

Traditional oils were graded by indications of say 10 SAE and would have the same viscocity as say a 10w30 multi grade automotive oil would have.  Additives were added to the automotive oil so that any multi-grade oil you choose would keep a consistent viscocity rating throughout the seasons and temperatures.  Generally speaking in most of the US, you wouldn’t have to worry about so extreme tempertures to go with anything other than a multi grade 5w30 or 10w30 automotive oil.

To find out exactly what type of multigrade oil your car uses, simply refer to your owners manual or inside an engine information tag.  One wouldn’t necessarily be better than the other, just go with what your manufacturer recommends.  Consider that 10w oil is tested for cold cranking down to -13 F and 5w is tested down to -22 F, are you really going to tell a difference?

Summed Up

I hope this article has shed some light on your next automotive oil purchase.  As times get tough more and more drivers are changing the oil themselves and will save lots of money during the life of a vehicle.  Just don’t forget that oil filter no matter what type of oil you end up using.

Recommended Automotive Oil

Beware Of

Back in September I sugested using as a source for old hubcaps and center caps for almost any vehicle you drive.  Unfortunately, the company has not held up it’s end of the bargain and has done nothing but frustrate customers that I’ve sent to them.  This post is a warning to those looking to buy centercaps, look elsewhere. Some comments about

It looks like a good website but these guys have no customer service and do not stand behind what they sell. I ordered a cap and they sent me the wrong one. They would not respond to numerous e-mails about exchanging the cap and they do not have a phone number you can call. BUYER BEWARE! I agree with Unsatisfied. I also purchased from and the items never arrived! Called, emailed — never heard from them. Had to dispute the charge with Visa in order to get my money back. I’ve gotten into a big mess trying to help my folks who are not Internet-savvy to find center caps for their car. Here I thought I was doing them a favor, and it’s just a ripoff.

Avoid when possible, the reviews speak for themselves and I would hate for someone else to get ripped off.  Remember, when buying online always make sure the company you are buying from has published contact information, this helps build integrity.  Furthermore, it’s much safer to do business via a brick’n mortar business as opposed to a wholesale drop shipper.

What Bugs Me About Concept Cars

[ad#Top of Post Left]The auto shows are amazing. They show all of these super cool looking cars that are to come and some of the new features on the current model cars. They also show new designs that will be implemented on current cars. As amazing as it is, there is one thing that gets me about these shows. It’s the concept cars.

Concept cars are cars that are seriously being thought about publicly selling. When they show off a concept car they are getting feedback on the car they are thinking about releasing. Concept cars are usually not in final form but they can be almost completed as far as the body work goes.

One thing about concept cars is that they look really awesome. The new styling on some of these cars is just amazing to look at. Even if all you see are the pictures online! Now here lies the problem with concept cars. They are not done yet. They are like a teaser of the real car that may or may not be made available and produced for the public.

Take for instance the new Chevy Volt. A lot of buzz was created when GM introduced a concept car, the Chevy volt a few years ago. The car not only looked amazing it had some great features. It could run on all battery power and it did not use its gas engine to power the wheels. Instead it used its motor to power a generator to charge a set of batteries which then ran the car. Each wheel has an electric motor built in.

It has yet to be released, but it could be the style of car for the future.The future in which cars are electric. The problem is they ruined it! General Motors teased us with a beautiful looking car only to change its body style almost completely compared to the concept version. Now it looks like a Chevy Impala/Toyota Yaris smashed together. It is a bit different than the impala but it’s too similar for my liking. There is nothing wrong with the impala but what GM had was a totally new style, a body for a new never released car. It looked great and would have stood out a lot. Now for the preview of the production car we get half of what we wanted.

So that’s what bugs me about car shows and the concept cars. Just don’t fall in love with a concept car too much as you may be disappointed by the production version.

9 Zebra Paint Jobs

Is it a ‘look at me’ personality or a need to blend in with the herd?  Wait, no, that’s stupid, what are people thinking when they deface their cars with such ugly paint jobs?  I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what drives someone to paint a car with zebra stripes and I don’t have an answer.

The good news is that it provides some entertainment for those of us who like to point and laugh.  I don’t care how immature it is, I’m laughing at you, not with you.  Check out these ugly paint jobs below.