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5 Ways to Improve Credit for Auto Loan



If your credit score is below average or just poor in general, there is no need to feel alone. There are millions who face this same problem, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed. You also shouldn’t feel as though you are stuck in a pit of neverending despair.

Here is five steps to improve your credit—s o you can get back on track to afford a good auto loan:

Step One – Get a Free Copy of your credit report.

There are a number of places where you can acquire a free credit report, and you are for the most part allowed one free copy per year. Our first step is to acquire this report. There are a number of reasons and benefits to having a copy of your credit report. One being it will allow you to know exactly where your credit stands. Second it will allow you to pinpoint you trends, in terms of which debts you owe, but also whether you are late on payments or not, so you can correct it. Lastly, you might notice some charge-offs, or late payments that you don’t remember, or don’t belong to you. This provides you a detailed look into what loan providers are looking at when considering your future loans.

Step Two –Start disputing incorrect information.

The next big step is to highlight and note each chargeoff or late payment on your credit report you feel might be wrong. Even if they aren’t incorrect, it is still worth disputing, as there is a high chance the dispute will win, and that bit may be removed from your credit report—thus improving your credit score. Now if you are looking for a good 5 year or shorter term automotive loan, you need to get your credit score up—or your interest rate will cripple you long-term. Dispute whatever you feel like disputing.

Step Three—Pay off your debts and negotiate pay offs.

If you owe debt, either in collections or maybe even older loans (consumer, mortgage or student debts). Either way you need to face these debts, don’t avoid them. If you can’t pay the amount they want you to pay, you can attempt to negotiate. In most cases debt collectors are willing to negotiate, and you can easily setup something as small as a $50 a month payment. This will help your credit report moving forward as it will report as you have started to make payments on time, and shows you are taking responsibility for your debts.

Step Four—Make payments on time.

Some people like to pus that grace period on their credit cards, or other bills. Your best bet is to make sure you are making payments on time. They say almost a third of your credit score is a reflection of how consistent you are with your on time payments. Missing just one or consecutive payments could hurt your score a bit more than you can imagine. It also reflects badly for those who are considering on giving you an automotive loan. No creditor will want to provide a loan to someone they can’t trust.

Step Five – Patience is key.

Debt is a hindrance, and a poor credit score is the result. But it isn’t the end. You can get yourself out of that hole. It just takes time, and most of all patience. Be patient, work on the four steps above, and when you feel you are ready and happy with your score. Start shopping for the automotive loan you want.

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The Evolution of Vehicles in 10 Years Time



The evolution of the vehicle is in direct correlation with the evolution of the consumer. Since the early 2000s and the economic slide, consumers are less likely to buy a newer vehicle. Instead of buying a vehicle every few years, consumers now will buy and hold onto their vehicle for a solid 5-6 years before they even consider trading up. With this change, the automotive industry has had to adjust, and this means they had to add more features to lure buyers, they also have designed better fuel economy, and engine components that last longer.

The biggest change that many vehicles have gone through in the past decade is technology. Now vehicles open without a key, vehicles will start without a key, vehicles will respond based on voice recognition. They come standard with display screens, and other gadgetry. Comforts have improved greatly, and the vehicles overall performance has improved.

Vehicles also now feature standard safety features such as; back up or rearview cameras, sensors that detect lane departure, blind spots and assist in making sure your driving experience is safer. Now there are even vehicles being created that park themselves, and in some cases can drive themselves.

The past ten years may have shown that drivers are a bit more patient when looking to buy a new vehicle, but it is a good argument to make that the next ten years could very well be a huge buyer market once again with all these helpful tech and gadgetry. Not just that, drivers want vehicles that will be safe, will last longer, but also have great MPG. It will be exciting to see where the next ten years in the automotive industry will take us.

Source: Arrigo FIAT of Sawgrass

What Is Included In Your Cars Regular Maintenance


Car repairs and car maintenance have been known to be one of the most costly things any individual who owns a car might face. The average car repair in many cases can be as high as $1,500, and that is a value that too many can’t prepare themselves for.

The good news? Well there is a way to avoid this situation all together. The best way to do this is to make sure you are following through with your vehicles regular maintenance schedule. What is included in this regular maintenance? It ranges from a simple oil change to a tire rotation.

The most common regular vehicle maintenance is undoubtedly the oil change. Most vehicle and manufacturers recommend that you service your vehicle for an oil change roughly every 3,000 miles. But a lot of newer models with a premium oil can last as long as 10,000 miles. What we recommend is that you just fork over the extra money, and just your oil changed every 3-5,000 miles. Pushing beyond that is just going to add unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicles engine.

Next up, and this sometimes goes hand in hand with your oil change, is replacing your Engine Air Filter. Most mechanics recommend again, every 3,000 miles driven. Some air filters however can last longer, but they should always be checked each time you have your oil changed. A clogged air filter can lead to start up problems, and significant engine damage.

Tire rotation is another very important regular service to consider. Most mechanics recommend your tires every few months, or every 5,000 miles driven. The rotation of your tires lengthens the life of your tires and ultimately the overall performance. For those that live in wintery conditions, it is recommended to always rotate your all-seasonal tires each fall leading into the winter, then again right after winter.

These are just a few of the most common regular vehicle maintenances that as a car owner you must follow if you wish to avoid the long-term pricier repairs.

Source: Arrigo Sawgrass

A Handful of Child Car Safety Tips


With the events that have happened and have been told across major media outlets over the past year about child neglect and death in cars, either being left in the heat, or for vehicle accidents that are unavoidable at times. The fact of the matter is that too many parent’s aren’t aware of how they can make their vehicle more safe and secure for everyone in their vehicle—children included.

Here is a handful of helpful tips for parents who have children, and wish to keep them as safe as they can:

  1. Never leave a child in the interior of a vehicle without proper supervision, and that means adult supervision. Your ten year old son shouldn’t be responsible for your 2-3 year old.
  2. Stress to your children that the vehicle isn’t created for them to run rampart. It is not a safe place to play around, and they are required to keep their hands inside the vehicle, keep their safe belt on, and to sit properly in their seats.
  3. Adding onto part one, you should teach older siblings or family members (teenagers or older) how to properly buckle and supervise their siblings, or younger family members.
  4. To avoid a common problem with entanglement with seat belts, it is recommended that you buckle up any seatbelts that aren’t being used, and make sure they are tight. This will stop young children who like to have their hands on everything from grabbing, pulling and playing with loose seatbelts.
  5. If an accident occurs, and you need to remove a child from their seatbelt, it is recommended that you add a pair of scissors to your vehicle first aid and safety kit. So you can properly remove the seatbelt in case of emergencies. Make the location of this tool is known to any other older members.

There you have it, these are just a few of the safety tips you should consider for those of you who are either first time parents, or just haven’t put much thought into the worst case incidents that may occur with your child in the car.

Source: Arrigo Automotive Group

Mattel Hover Board

Hover Board For Sale

Anyone who has seen the Back to The Future Series has been waiting patiently for real hoverboards to finally make their way into our world.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting and the Mattel branded Hover Board from Back to The Future II is nowhere in sight.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase one from the actual movie set! has announced a new lot of movie set items that will be coming up for auction in October 2014.  Props include things like Alien figures, Batmobiles, and other items used on popular movie sets.  If their current auctions are any indication, expect to pay high dollar for these amazing iconic pieces.

Everyone wants a hover board, but be careful, they don’t work on water without POWER!?

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