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Articles and photos of the now defunct Pontiac vehicles.

Pontiac GTO

I’ll say that when the Pontiac GTO was first announced, I was pretty stoked.  After all, I knew what the retro Mustang looked like, how appealing it was, and now I’m gonna get another taste of the past.  Well, I was wrong.  In my opinion the new Pontiac GTO is what’s left after a muscle car failed abortion.

Performance wise, it’s a shrink wrapped engine with just enough performance to excite the partially balding man down the street.  Too bad most of the owners love driving an automatic new-muscle, new hotness.  WTF, what happened to tall gear ratios, manual shifting and only worrying about how much you can hook up when yous lam it into 3rd?

Looks wise this thing is the combination of a tired Grand AM and some busted Cavalier.  From the front it looks like any other Pontiac sedan and the ass end looks confused.  It’s as though the designers had trouble deciding on which route to take, be edgier, more retro, or actually make just a glorified souped up Grand Am.  But instead of deciding they just smashed the clay model together and let the chips fall.

No thanks, the new Pontiac GTO is not for me nor can I imagine for anyone who remembers what the old GTO looks like.  I’m willing to place big dollars that nobody will be collecting the 06 GTO 30 years from now and won’t be gracing any Barrett Jackson auction floors.

Just remember, you can strap a rocket to a donkey, but it still doesn’t make it a good idea.

Pontiac Fiero Parts

How is the Pontiac Fiero still so popular?  I’m still struggling to see how this once throw away car still has a market for parts, accessories, and people looking to buy a used Fiero.  My only guess is because there are an endless amount of modofications you can make the Fiero.  Furthermore you can find a Fiero Car, Fiero GT, and Fiero Kits on eBay all day long and for cheap.

Another potential theory is that it’s a great grease monkey starter car.  The Fiero is small, easy to work on, and if you happen to junk your Fiero engine you can always start on another one.  Probably the harder things to find would be a Fiero GT, which with the right Fiero kit can go up for up to $25,000.  Ouch!  So if you have a new son about to turn 16 and looking for a cheap car to customize, no matter what your budget, I’d suggest finding a used Fiero to work on.

Fiero Parts on eBay
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