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Mercedes Convertible

Admittedly I’m a long time fan of Mercedes cars, even though they are out of my price range I’ve always had an attachment to their sleek stylings, especially any Mercedes Convertible.  In a word ‘sexy’ and in a description ‘I’d like to find a moist spot on the car somewhere’.  But I’m not just talking about new Mercedes convertibles, I’m talking about aged classics with the drop top.

Below are some of my favorite Mercedes convertible pictures and what I aspire to purchase one day.

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Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid

Mercedes has decided to take a break from pushing their diesel technology on green buyers and released an all new BlueHybrid series car.  The Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid is a radically engineered ‘green’ car capable of close to 300 horsepower and still get 29 miles per gallong.  Thanks to the use of their ‘Blue’ technology, Mercedes is able to mount a battery in the engine bay only slightly larger than it’s regular 12v battery, instead of a heavy lithium under carriage mount unit.

Mercedes BlueHybrid

Mercedes BlueHybrid

Mercedes F700 Concept Car Pics

Mercedes has released information on a new concept car they are working on, the Mercedes F700.  The idea is to create a car with limousine power, refinement, and luxury with super low fuel consumption.  Basically it’s a new toy to make the rich feel better about using Mexicans to mow their enormous yards.  But hey, that’s just me and it does look awfully pretty and futuristic.

Mercedes F700 Concept Car

The engine is a 1.8-litre four cylinder, with twin overhead camshafts with variable timing and two turbochargers acting independently according to a series of valves in the intake system. The fuel is injected directly into the cylinders and the air enters the combustion chambers via either of the two different-sized turbochargers and an inlet-charge cooler. There is also a swirl plate to induce the fuel to spread evenly throughout the combustion charge.

The design is described by Dr Günter Karl as a different approach to the problem.  Sounds 007ish.

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Mercedes-Benz Being Sued

According to popular news media it looks like Daimler is being sued over a navigation patent in their 07-09 model Mercedes vehicles.  WorldLogic Corp sued Mercedes for an 8.6% royalty per unit and a bonus for ‘willful’ infrintement.  According to WorldLogic Mercedes has been aware of the infringement since 2005.

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2009 Mercedes Benz SLK350

Ladies and gentlemen, please start your drool sacks, introducing the all new 2009 Mercedes Benz SLK350.  The 09 SLK is boasting some higher performance numbers and a slightly touched up styling.  The convertible shown below is ready for summer and for those lucky enough to own one, it’s leaving people breathless in it’s path.

2009 Mercedes Benz SLK350

One of the few complaints about the new SLK350 is the new transmission, which replaced the manual of last year.  The 7G-Tronic Manu-matic is not terrible, but still not a traditional manual that lets you rip through the gears…grinding if necessary. 🙂

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