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Honda CRZ Concept Car Pics

Honda was showing off their latest in go-kart technology at the Toyota Motor Show with the all new CRZ concept.  Of course it’s a hybrid and it’s biggest selling points are efficiency, but Honda is touting it as a hybrid sport vehicle.  Performance and enough efficiency to keep the hippies at bay?

As you can see from the CR-Z pictures below, it’s a concept car still and I’m sure the glass ceiling w0n’t make it to production.  Honda claims that the new CR-Z will be available in the US market by late 2010.  Will this be available to compete with Chevy’s Volt?

2011 Honda Civic?

Spy Photo

Spy Photo

A picture has surfaced on the internet of a Japanese magazine with a concept picture of the 2011 Honda Civic.  Although at this point it may just be a rumor, you can be the judge.  For starters, I’m not sure sporty is the first word I think of when I see this tall squished Civic.  The tuner boys and girls may feel differently.

2011 Honda Civic Spy Pic

2011 Honda Civic

2011 Honda Civic

At any rate, looks like Honda has plans to completely redesign the Civic.  Whether or not the all new model will be a 2010 or 2011 Civic has yet to be officially announced.  Please feel free to discuss your predictions in the automotive forum.

Honda Products From

Honda Civic Chrome Key Ring

Honda Hoody’s Starting at $40.99

Honda Fit As A Corner Carver? is quickly becoming a popular source of great photo sets and slowly creeping up in world popularity in regards to news reporting.  However, the latest article, about the 2009 Honda Fit has me perplexed.  The reviewer focuses on the Fit’s ability to handle a curvy highway, more suited to a super cars review platform.

Giving into the fact that the Fit has looks only a mother could love, since I wouldn’t think ‘Bug Like’ is a positive remark, this brief review seems to give more life to the 09 Fit than deserved.  It’s articles exactly like this that make me question, who paid for this review, and what relationship does the author have to it’s local Honda dealership?

I can’t put any faith in such a review, no matter the trim the 09 Fit may be wearing.  Furthermore, if the author was this impressed, how many vehicles has he actually driven on a perfectly curvy road with suspension worthy of such a review?  Nevertheless, the review has been done, and has done little to convince me that the 09 Fit is anything more than a throwaway car.

Yeah, yeah, I can already hear the negative comments and horrid emails from people who love their reasonably priced Fit.  Personally I think any throwaway car over the $10k mark is too much and the Fit tested was closer to the $20k price point.  No, I have not and will not drive a Fit, I’m scared of tiny spaces with wheels and the idea of a gas tank in the front seems like a bad idea.  Maybe really did want to start 09 boom, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

2010 Acura ZDX Debut At New York Auto Show

The all new 2010 Acura ZDX is being released to compete directly with the likes of the BMW X6 and Infinit FX35.  The upcoming 2009 New York auto show will be it’s world debut, where Acura will show off the all new prototype ZDX.  However, don’t expect to order the Acura ZDX until some unannounced time in the fall.

Speaking of placing an order for the Acurz ZDX, there still has not been any pricepoints announced.  However, industry analysts feel that the ZDX will be priced in the $42k to $50k range.  Not a budget throw away car, but still priced right below the competing target brands.  Not to mention the radical teaser images of the Acura ZDX indicate it will have a little extra to offer those looking to drop a cool $50k.

“The ZDX prototype is unlike anything you have ever seen before from Acura,” said Jeff Conrad, Acura sales vice president.

Even performance wise, no imformation has been released.  Speculators suspect that the engine will be the Acura popular TL SH-AWD 3.7 liter V6.  If this engine is choose, expect power output to be around the 300 horsepower mark, coupled with a 6 speed transmission.

Yummy.  But personally, I’m still waiting on them to bring back the NSX.

NSX on eBay
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Would You Buy American To Save Jobs?

It is no secret for car buyers that right now, some of the best vehicles are not made by American companies.  In fact, Honda and Toyota, and perhaps even Hyundai makes some of the best vehicles that the average consumer can buy.  They last much longer than their American counterparts, they hold their value well, and are very enjoyable to drive.  It is no small wonder that Toyota is now the biggest car company in the world.

It’s also no secret that car companies in America are really struggling.  And this could mean the loss of many millions of jobs if something isn’t done about it.  So I pose this question to you, would you buy American automobiles to save American jobs?

Personally, I don’t think I would. That sounds harsh, but let me explain.  Many foreign vehicles are actually made America.  Did you know that? Down in the south, far from Detroit companies such as Toyota, build trucks and cars using American workers and American plants. So, is buying a foreign car actually destroying American jobs? Yes and no.

American jobs will be lost more because of poor management more so than from poor worker quality.  Of course, part of the blame does fall on the American auto workers union’s for being greedy all of these years, constantly wanting to get paid more even if they are producing less.  The whole industry is very shortsighted and is now reaping the rewards of their shortsightedness.

If you really want to help the American car companies, buy the best car that fits your needs the best and don’t worry about what company is.  If you buy a high-quality vehicle that shows the other companies that they are going to have to produce high-quality vehicle to get your business.  That is a lesson that every company needs to learn to succeed. If you really want to help the car companies and save American jobs in the long run, you should buy the best vehicle in your budget.