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The Brand New 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In

There are so many vehicles in the world and it’s nearly impossible for potential buyers to see and compare all of them. But once a driver has a specific idea in mind, it gets easier. For those interested in eco-friendly cars with an amazing standard set of features need not to look further than Honda. With the 2014 Accord Plug-In, owners get everything they want in a safe and reliable mode of transportation, and then some.


We called up our local Milwaukee dealership, David Hobbs Honda, to get the scoop on this brand new model. If you have questions yourself or are interested in purchasing this particular vehicle you can give them a call, or simply go to the website and fill out an easy contact form. The 2014 Accord Plug-In starts at $39,780 and has a 141-hp 2.0L 16 valve DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine, 55 hp Lithium-ion battery, and electronic continuously variable transmission. There is also an Eco Assist system, Hill Start Assist, 6.6kW Onboard 32-Amp Charger, 17 inch forged alloy wheels with aero covers, and tire repair kit with 24 hour assistance. Even the Plug-Ins starting features are a step up from other basic models.

There are other safety features that come standard to the Accord including acoustic vehicle alerting system, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, vehicle stability Assist with traction control, LED daytime running head lights, advanced compatibility engineering II body structure, and an entire system of airbags. With an additional group of features including Honda LaneWatch, Bluetooth hands free link, Multi-Angle rearview camera with guide lines, steering wheel mounted controls, and HomeLink remote system, it’s impossible to not love getting to the basics of a car for a change.

Finally, the Accord comes with an impressive interior technological set up, featuring a 180-watt AM, FM, and CD audio system with six speakers, i-MID with eight inch high resolution screen, Hard Disk drive including 16-GB of audio memory, Pandora compatibility, Song By Voice, Bluetooth Streaming Audio, USB audio interface, and an MP3 and Auxiliary input jack. A drive in an Accord has just upgraded from a drive to a mobile concert.

Where other vehicle manufacturers have given their most basic versions of a model the most basic features, Honda has given its 2014 Accord Plug-In something better: an outlet to show drivers that its one of the best cars out there, even when it’s the most basic it could be.

Honda Scooters

Scooters have been increasing in popularity for the past few years, in part due to the increase in gas prices, but also to the fact that new cars are outrageously priced.  An inexpensive alternative is purchasing a 2-wheel transportation device.  Honda has anticipated an increase in scooter sales this year, so they announced an early release of their 2011 PCX and Ruckus Scooters.

2011 Honda PCX

2011 Honda PCX

It’s an every day driver, priced to compete, and built to last the abuse of a daily commute.  The Honda PCX has also been described as a fun and stylish ride, that damn near resembles a crotch rocket.  As far as scooters are concerned it’s labeled a mid-size, with plenty of pep to compete with road real estate.

The 2011 Honda PCX features a 125cc engine, capable of delivering amazing fuel economy, without the sacrifice of power.  The 2011 offers a programmed fuel injection, which offers tight throttle response at all speeds.

Only two colors are offered in the 2011 PCX, Pearl White and Candy Red.  Both look good on the angular lines and pitch black accents.

2011 Honda Ruckus

2011 Honda Ruckus

Is it really too cool to know it’s a scooter?  Honda claims that the 2011 Ruckus is so cool it doesn’t need any flashy body panels, it’s stipped down business, rugged, and features some meaty tires.

The 2011 Ruckus features a 49cc engine, which may not sound like a lot, until you realize it has a curb weight of just 194 pounds.  My guess is the drivers will weigh more than this little utility beast.

Pricing has yet to be announced for the 2011 Honda Ruckus.

Honda Scooter Deals on eBay
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Disandvantages To Hybrid Cars

This is a guest article on the disadvantages to driving a hybrid car.

[ad#Google Adsense]Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly and may be the role model for the future car productions. With increasing awareness of the environment pollution, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular with consumers. The use of hybrid cars promotes a greener lifestyle. Despite that, hybrid car also have disadvantages. Buyers of hybrid car should take these disadvantages into consideration before making a decision.

Hybrid cars have high maintenance cost because of the complexity of the mechanical components. Hybrid cars use a different engine than the traditional cars so most mechanics are not equipped with the skill to repair them. If your hybrid car breaks down, you must send them back to the original manufacturer. The most expensive maintenance cost for hybrid car is the battery. Some manufacturers of hybrid cars offers extended warranty for the replacement parts. Thus, you should check with the warranty to find out the coverage plan before making a purchase.

Hybrid cars are more expensive compare to normal cars. Typically, hybrid cars cost $4000 – $6000 more for new models. The cheapest Toyota Prius causes over $20,000 in the United States and over £16,000 in the United Kingdom. However, the fuel efficiency in hybrid cars will help you to save on the gas expenses. If you buy the used hybrid car, they will not be as environmentally friendly as the new model. Some of the hybrid car models such as Prius, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima was endowed with the Smartway Elite badget because of their efficiency on greenhouse gas emissions.

The hybrid car depends on the ICE and electronic motor to operate the engine. One of the disadvantages of the battery is that it is unable to work in cold environment. In this case, the hybrid car must run on the gasoline engine if used during the winter months, thus it eliminate the fuel economy.

Some hybrid car implements the metal hydride batteries in their model. The metal hydride battery can explode if the car is crashed during a road accident because of the high voltages. Thus, the battery is exposed to a larger risk when an accident occurs. However, Toyota claimed to have reduced the risk for their hybrid cars. You will also need to replace the battery after you have traveled 150,000 to 200,000 miles which is even worse than a standard car battery. Although the Prius’ battery is said to last for a long time, it will still depend on several factors including use and abuse. The battery is very expensive to replaced.

The production of the hybrid cars involves a much complex assembly process compare to traditional cars. The two part drive train is harder to assemble so more pollutants will be emitted from the factory. According to a study, the production of hybrid car cause more pollution in the environment compare with other standard vehicles. Of course, this disadvantage is still offset by the fuel economy of the hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars have a lower performance than standard vehicles. Hybrid cars have a lower road performance in terms of the acceleration speed. Hybrid cars also have large braking noise. The engine of hybrid car is too quiet which makes parents worry about children running into the street because they are ignorant that a car is approaching.

Honda CR-Z Rumor

The Honda rumor mill is at it again and this time it involves a hybrid, Type R attention, and enough hope to make it to reality.  A lot of industry experts were caught swooning over the debut of the Honda CR-Z at the Detroit Auto Show, but now the possibility of a Type R pampered CR-Z has those same people picking their jaws up off the floor.  A Honda hybrid sport coupe with a Type R badge, meaning ready for the twisty turns with power to spare.

The ones responsible for this Type R CR-Z rumor state that the standard CR-Z will be released with a 105 horsepower traditional motor and a 20 horsepower electric motor.  Once wrapped in Type R badging the new CR-Z will be equipped with a 150 horsepower traditional motor and an even more potent 50 horsepower electric.

Of course we all know the details will be in the handling and other amenities.  We can only stand around and hold our breath until Honda makes an official announcement.  Until then, check out the Honda CR-Z pics below.

Most Reliable Car Is A Honda

The 09 Honda Insight has made Consumer Reports most reliable new car of the year.  Oddly enough the hybrid wasn’t alone on the list, where 5 of the top 8 most reliable cars for 2009 were a hybrid.

It’s good news for Honda and definitely something to brag about, except for Consumer Reports makes the statement that just because it’s most reliable doesn’t mean it’s recommended.  Specifically the Insight’s underpowered demeanor was sighted as an example.  Seems like a nod to Honda on what to work on to create the perfect hybrid, which can be recommended for purchase.

Lastly, I just feel like the string of hybrids being listed on the most reliable list is a bit suspicious.  Granted, this is most reliable ‘new’ car, but where will these vehicles be 5 years from now.  As a consumer that’s what I’m most concerned with, longevity and total cost of ownership.

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