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Convertible Pony Projector

Pony Projectors On New Ford Mustangs

The calendar is about to roll over to 2014 and the amazing options on vehicles continues to soar.  What’s caught my eye today is the Pony Projector, which can be found on new Ford Mustangs.  This mirror mounted light projects an image of the iconic Pony onto the ground, other than looking cool, it also serves a purpose.

Have you ever got out of your car at night and stepped square in the middle of a puddle?  How about stepping into a big pile of doggy business?  This light is designed to show you exactly where your first step out of the Mustang will land.  Of course, it also looks bad ass.  Check out the Pony Projector images and video below.

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Early Television Advertising: Ford teams with Peanuts

It’s amazing the interesting trivia you can find when you look at early television advertising. For instance, how many people walking around today associate Ford with Charles Schultz’s Peanuts? There is, in fact, a connection.  In the late 1950s and early 60s Ford offered a pair of cars it called the “Economy Twins.” The cars were advertised together as being the best value-for-the-money that Ford offered at the time. The economy twins, at least in 1960, were the Ford Falcon and the Fairlane 500. The Falcon was billed as America’s lowest priced 6 passenger car. The Fairlane 500 was also considered a great deal on a large car. The peanuts characters in early animated form were used in advertising these vehicles.

These ads are easy enough to find on You tube. In a 1959 ad for the economy twins, Charlie Brown is handing out cigars to other peanuts characters such as Shroeder and Linus. Lucy comes rushing up and asks Linus: “What’s the occasion, has Charlie Brown had another baby sister?”  “No,” Linus responds, “Ford has new economy twins. So he’s passing out cigars to everyone.” “Everyone?” she asks. Just then Snoopy walks by holding a cigar, clicks his teeth, and puts the cigar in his mouth. “Yes, everyone.” Says Linus.

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Ford F-Series History


The Ford F-Series has been sold continuously for over six decades. There are twelve generations of the Ford F-Series. Here are some highlights about the changes that occurred over the generations.

First generation Ford F-Series (1948-1952) was the Ford Bonus-Built. It came available in pick-up, panel truck, cab-over engine, conventional truck and school bus chassis body styles.

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The Many Faces of the Ford F-150 Truck

When you are shopping for your next truck, take a look at the Ford F150. Ford gives you ten models to choose from. The Ford F-150 comes in XL, STX, XLT, FX2, Lariat, FX4, King Ranch, SVT Raptor, Platinum, and Limited.


First let’s start by looking at the gas economy. The Ford F150 gives you excellent numbers both in miles per gallon in the city and on the highway. Here is how the numbers stack up for all ten Ford F150 models.

Limited 16 miles per gallon city 22 miles per gallon highway

Platinum 15 miles per gallon city 21 miles per gallon highway

SVT Raptor 11 miles per gallon city 16 miles per gallon highway

King Ranch 15 miles per gallon city 21 miles per gallon highway

FX4 14 miles per gallon city 19 miles per gallon highway

Lariat 15 miles per gallon city 21 miles per gallon highway

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The Ford Atlas – A Concept Truck Built for Production



Ford recently unveiled the Ford Atlas Concept. It is a model that was built to showcase the design, capability, fuel efficiency and smart technologies that will define future Ford pickup trucks. The Ford Atlas Concept is inspired by decades of listening to customer feedback. The result is a purpose-driven design with a wide stance and bold grille – a look that embodies the Built Ford Tough image perfectly. Ford trucks have always been a leader in the very competitive pickup truck segment. According to the folks we spoke to at the Kayer Ford dealership, there is a huge brand loyalty when it comes to Ford, and more specifically the F-150. Many F-Series truck owners are Ford truck owners for life.

Enhanced truck functionality, along with new advanced features are part of the Atlas. Multiple tie-down points are integrated within the cargo box walls and load floor, along with 110-volt electrical outlets in the cargo box to charge power tools. The cabin features the latest thinking in comfort, utility and refinement. Innovative seating in comfortable leather allows for extra legroom for rear passengers – along with integrated storage for smaller items. “Floating” instrument pods and glove-friendly buttons and controls keep the interior functional and ruggedly stylish.

The Ford Atlas Concept is powered by a next-generation EcoBoost® powertrain, which introduces truck-enhanced Auto Start-Stop engine shutoff technology. This feature shuts off the engine when stopped in traffic to save fuel – and smartly suspends the feature when the truck knows it is towing.