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Ferrari 599xx Super Car Wallpaper

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Ferrari 599xx Super Car Pics

Ferrari is in the process of developing an all new supercar, the Ferrari 599xx.  Like any other Ferrari it oozes sex appeal, smells like wet panties, and makes every man in the room’s pants a little bit tighter.  Yes, mine included.

The Ferrari 599xx is being developed within Ferrari’s own customer ranks, meaning with a small buy-in you could be testing this street demon.  According to industry analysts, for a few million dollars you could be playing with prototypes of the 599xx and contribute to it’s development.

The track inspired Ferrari 599xx is lethal at a red line of 9000 rpms and over 700 horsepower courtesy of a v12.  This will be the fastest
Ferrari ever built and as it stands now IS the fastest.  Until final production we will hold judgement…and records.

What Recession, says Ferrari

2008 was a good great year for Ferrari and the huge down turn in late 2008 didn’t seem to slow down their high priced performance cars.  As a matter of fact, Ferrari set sales records in 2008 with an ROS of 17.6% and investments research in 18%.  Basically, they made a lot of money selling sexy women disguised as sports cars.

To put this in perspective, only about 25% of all Ferrari cars are sold in the US.  In 2007 they sold only 1,700 cars, which they matched in 2008.  But, in Eastern Europe Ferrari increased sales from 2007 to 2008 by more than 20%.  Furthermore they increased sales figures in the Middle East, South Africa, and Japan.

According to Ferrari they relied on agrressive cost cutting measures and benefited from a greater offering of vehicles than previous years.  The future looks great for Ferrari, with plans to produce facilities that will allow the manufacturer to produce their own energy.  However, like other businesses, the CEO of Ferrari warns of the uncertainty of 2009 and does not intend to remain still.