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Ferrari Featured Image

Ferrari’s Make The Best Wallpapers

Ferrari is known for it’s sharp lines, low slung personality, which makes their cars perfect for a desktop wallpaper.  I’ve scrounged around the internet looking for some of the best pictures of Ferrari’s, like the Berlinetta, F12, LaFerrari, and more to bring them here for your consumption.

To use, simply right-click, then save to your computer.  Then, right click the image and set as desktop background.  These images can also be used, if formatted properly, to fit smart phone screens or social media backgrounds.

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Red Ferrari Lifted

Trip Inside A Ferrari Service Bay

Not everyone gets the opportunity to walk around a service bay, filled with millions of dollars worth of cars.  Thankfully, when Redditor gary88 did, he shared the images with the world.  This Ferrari service bay is just packed full of classics and new hotness.  Look at some of the pics here and on the Ferrari post at Reddit.

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Red 1959 Ferrari Testarossa

1959 Ferrari Testarossa Pics

Spotted in the wild is a perfectly mint 1959 Ferrari Testarossa.  These pics were taken by shifty21 and shared on  Some intense discussion is going on whether this is a legit and extremely rare Ferrari or simply another kit car.  Heavy debate on both sides of this isle, including ‘proof’ of registration stating a kit car and then ‘proof’ that this car competed in a Ferrari only event, with strict regulations to authenticity.

Either way, real or kit car, it’s a beautiful piece of art and worthy of sharing.

All New Ferrari In The Works?

Spy pic shooters in the Italian city of Maranello have shot some video of what could be an all new Ferrari model.  The good news is that the prototype is far enough along to be making rounds on the highway.  Bad news is that we haven’t heard any type of announcement from Ferrari announcing their intent, at least with a model that resembles this camouflaged treat.

The long front and hatch-type back end suggests a front engine rear wheel drive.  Perhaps a new GT?  Exciting things will start coming from Ferrari, especially since they announced they will be producing 6 new models before 2013.  I just can’t believe no specifics have yet been revealed…or at least a teaser.

For all we know this is a glimpse of the fuel efficient super car.  You decide.

Ferrari Shoes

Ferrari teamed up with Puma to create high performance foot wear, specifically the Ferrari brand shoes.  Puma brought the know how of shoe making and Ferrari brought the branding and legendary insignia.  Ferrari shoes range in style from mild loafers to extreme tennis shoes.  For most it’s a bit gaudy and over priced, but for Ferrari fanatics it scratches an annoying itch.

Each Ferrari shoe comes equipped with the Ferrari logo, either stitched into the sole of the shoe or on the side.  One of the more popular Puma Ferrari shoes is the Drift 2 series, which even includes tire tread styled outsole.  The Ferrari logo on this shoe style is a gel emblem along the rear heel, with the famous jumping Puma on bottom.

Puma and Ferrari consider the true Motorsport enthusiast as their target market.  Each shoe has been designed by feedback provided by actual Puma F1 drivers, to create the highest level of craftsmanship and contemporary design.

The price of the Ferrari shoes is reasonable for most to afford, making it the only Ferrari emblem encrusted item they ever own.  But for those lucky enough to actually be behind the wheel of a Ferrari, the Puma driving shoes are a must.

Ferrari Shoes on eBay
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