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Audi R8 Pics

What does 5.2 liter engine and 10 cylinders have in common?  They both are helping rocket the all new Audi R8 to over 500 horse power.  What’s even more inspiring is that the V10 Audi engine is naturally aspirated, so no boost making the big horsepower numbers, just tried and true displacement and Audi racing technology.

As for the raw facts, the Audi R8 reportedly does 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and produces just under 400 ft lbs of torque.  Furthermore it’s power peak isn’t reached until a whopping 8,700 rpms.  Plus there are lots of handling and suspension technology that Audi prides itself on, which it claims it borrows from Audi’s Le Mans victories.  Far to advance for my taste, but just look at the Audi R8 pics from detroit below, enough to get my motor running. /end stupid pun

Self Parking Vehicles

I’ve yet to see one flying car, but that doesn’t mean advancements in the automotive industry can still have the flavor of science fiction.  For example, today Ford announced that they will be releasing 2 different models of Lincoln’s that are capable of parking themselves.  The target audience for the Lincoln model cars will no doubt appreciate the ability of a self parking vehicle, saving scratches and the lives of small animals everywhere.

The self parking mechanism and technology being developed by Ford will focus on parrallel parking.  This leap in auto technology will be featured of the Lincoln model MKS Sedan and MKT crossover.  This new advancement will be demod at the North American International Auto Show, for a sneak peak of what 2009 will bring, check out the Ford booth.

In other auto show news, Ford plans on debuting their hybrid Ford Fusion, which is capable of producing 41 miles per gallon.  Yes, 41, which is exactly 8 more mpg than the nearest competitor Toyota Camry hybrid.  Domestic vehicles will be stepping up their focus on technology and economy for 09, showing the foreign group that they still have some tricks up their sleeves, at least Ford does.

A7 Audi Coupe

[ad#Top of Post Left]Looking to turn up the heat in Detroit, Audi plans to debut their latest A7 4 Door Coupe.  This initial concept by Audi plans to look sleek and fast, but with 4 door appeal.  The A7 has high hopes of increasing the manufacturers sales figures, specifically up to 1.5 million by 2015.  According to Audi they hope to sell close to 40,000 A7’s per year once released, although a specific date has yet to be made.

Audi A7

Audi A7

Audi A7

Audi A7

Expect to see a lot more of the Audi A7 in the upcoming months.  Specifically the A7 will be debuted at the North American International Auto Show.

Military Looks

Collecting antique military vehicles is gaining popularity, as is those looking to admire the vintage vehicles. In fact, it’s hard not to notice when these vehicles make their way to shows, many of which are driven and not merely trailer queens.

“I stopped for gas and a lady came up to me and said, ‘Is that really a jeep?’ I said, ‘Yes, ma’am, it is.’ She was really surprised,” Hildebrant said. Encounters like that are to be expected when you’re driving a six-wheel 1943 Dodge jeep.

Market of Marion will be showcasing military vehicles this weekend. Remember, it’s never too late to get involved with military vehicle collecting. Many vendors offer ways to purchase used military vehicles for almost any collectors budget.