2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Regular readers of The-Grayline.com know how much I ooze over the idea of a potent Mustang.  Lately Ford just seems to keep on delivering one awesome version of a Mustang over another.  Even though the SVT brand doesn’t seem to be hanging around, we have been blessed with the Shelby GT500 and now, the 2010 Cobra Jet.  Fitting, considering Ford has aesthetically and internally redesigned the 2010, so let’s see what’s in store.

The 2010 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang can be seen by those lucky enough to attend the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas, which begins today.  The Cobra Jet has been specially outfitted in SEMA paint, complete with Cobra likeness down the side.  The pictures of the SEMA special Cobra Jet can be seen in the gallery below.

What sets the 2010 Cobra Jet apart from other 2010 Mustangs?  First of all it will come equipped with the first ever factory equipped Rev Limiter, which is a staple for low ET’s.  Basically the Cobra Jet is a factory built race car, similar to the one Ford released on the 40th anniversary of the Cobra Jet in 2008.  Although consider it a much more track ready beast, complete with roll cage.

I’ve had trouble finding specific power numbers for the 2010 Cobra Jet, but suffice it to say, it won’t matter to those buying.  All 50 produced have already been ordered by the dealers and sold to customers, sorry, no longer available.  But maybe, just maybe, you might have a friend of a friend that will give you a ride in one.  Until then, please feel free to slobber over the pictures below.

Cobra Jet’s Available for purchase right now on eBay

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California Car Shows

california-car-showsNothing says summer more than a bunch of sweaty congregating people looking at hot show cars.  This is especially true if you are in California, where there are a number of car enthusiast groups that put on shows all summer.  California car shows know how to do it right, they start in February and don’t finish the season until late December, culminating with the International Auto Show in San Francisco.

Any car enthusiast will be able to find something that peaks their interest, especially in Northern California.  For example, just in July there are a handful of car shows to attend, like the Classic Car Show in Sonora, CA.  For the tuner crowd there is the epic Hot Import Nights in Pleasanton, CA on July 18th.

Planning on attending a car show but don’t have a show car to display?  No problem, there are deals to be found in places like Redding, CA.

“Whether you are looking for a trailer queen or a daily driver, they’re available,” says Dwayne Goerges of Redding Used Cars.  And thanks to NorCalCars.com, the search can be simple and efficient.  Already I’ve found a Ford Mustang I’m willing to drive 2,300 miles for.  Carless or not, we’ll see you in Cali to sweat together at the car shows.

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2010 Mustang GT

Ford has seriously revamped the all new 2010 Mustang GT, making an already appealing car drip with sex appeal.  At least for a car nut like myself, the only thing needed to complete the package would be a Racing Fuel smelling air freshner, dangling from the rear view mirror.  But I digress, the new 2010 Mustang GT is really starting to win over even the most jaded reviewers of Fords staple stallion.

Sound Piping

The most noticable change in the 2010 Mustang Gt is the sound you hear in the cabin.  Ford has literally piped in sound from the engine bay, to the cabin, so you can enjoy the sweet tones of the 4.6 liter V8.   This all new for 2010 sound pipe is equipped with a Tuned Membrane to allow the perfect transfer of sound, no fumes, to the driver and those lucky enough to be riding along.

2010 Mustang Mods

Those lucky enough to swing by the Mustang Stable at the Los Angeles International Auto Show was able to fully customize an all new 2010 Mustang.  Thanks to computer technology customers could build and modify to their hearts content and then see the Mustang built right in front of them, on the computer screen.  Optional accessories and modifications include everything from different wheels and tires to hood and sidescoops.

“Nobody has done this before with a new vehicle as popular as Mustang,” said Mark Conforzi, chief designer, Vehicle Personalization.

These mods will be available to anyone ordering a 2010 Mustang from their local dealership.  As of this posting Ford is making available over 40 unique mods that can be ordered.  No doubt this will be a great selling point for those that want to make their 2010 Mustang their own, without hitting up after market companies.

When Can You Buy 2010 Mustang GT?

Ford is suspected to open up orders for the 2010 Mustang this Spring, but your wait may depend on your order.  Knowing the condition of the Big 3 right now they may be hungry to push these out the door.  Retail is expected to be around $28,000 for the 315 horsepower V8 2010 Mustang GT.

Video Of 2010 Mustang GT

Ford.com Press Release Notes

Customizing 2010 Mustang

Official Ford Press Box

2010 Mustang GT

2010 Mustang GT

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Big 3 Making Money At Barret Jackson

The Barret Jackson Auto Auction has been going on hot and heavy for the past few days and there have been a wide range of vehicle types sold.  Despite old muscle cars dropping in price recently, at the Barret jackson Auction new muscle cars were fetching big dollars.  Thanks to Ford and GM opening up their museums and liquidating some of their show cars, the public will have a chance to own these rare vehicles.

Typically at the Barret Jackson auction new muscle cars are the exception, not the rule, but just look at the list of vehicles that were stealing the show.  The first 2008 Challenger SRT8 sold for $400k and a 2009 ZR1 brought a final bid of $1 million.

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction

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Audi R8 Pics

What does 5.2 liter engine and 10 cylinders have in common?  They both are helping rocket the all new Audi R8 to over 500 horse power.  What’s even more inspiring is that the V10 Audi engine is naturally aspirated, so no boost making the big horsepower numbers, just tried and true displacement and Audi racing technology.

As for the raw facts, the Audi R8 reportedly does 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and produces just under 400 ft lbs of torque.  Furthermore it’s power peak isn’t reached until a whopping 8,700 rpms.  Plus there are lots of handling and suspension technology that Audi prides itself on, which it claims it borrows from Audi’s Le Mans victories.  Far to advance for my taste, but just look at the Audi R8 pics from detroit below, enough to get my motor running. /end stupid pun

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Self Parking Vehicles

I’ve yet to see one flying car, but that doesn’t mean advancements in the automotive industry can still have the flavor of science fiction.  For example, today Ford announced that they will be releasing 2 different models of Lincoln’s that are capable of parking themselves.  The target audience for the Lincoln model cars will no doubt appreciate the ability of a self parking vehicle, saving scratches and the lives of small animals everywhere.

The self parking mechanism and technology being developed by Ford will focus on parrallel parking.  This leap in auto technology will be featured of the Lincoln model MKS Sedan and MKT crossover.  This new advancement will be demod at the North American International Auto Show, for a sneak peak of what 2009 will bring, check out the Ford booth.

In other auto show news, Ford plans on debuting their hybrid Ford Fusion, which is capable of producing 41 miles per gallon.  Yes, 41, which is exactly 8 more mpg than the nearest competitor Toyota Camry hybrid.  Domestic vehicles will be stepping up their focus on technology and economy for 09, showing the foreign group that they still have some tricks up their sleeves, at least Ford does.

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