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Frog Follies Coming To Evansville Indiana

The Frog Follies is one of the largest 1949 and earlier street rod shows in the world.  It spans over a 3 day weekend starting this year on August 26 through the 28th.  On average the event brings in over 4,000 street rods, covering the entire Evansville, IN 4H Grounds.  Needless to say, the entire city knows it’s time for the Follies when restaurants, hotels, and the roads are filled with loud cars and cool attitudes.

This year I plan on attending the event and taking pictures from gate open till gate close time on Saturday August 27th.  In past years I’ve always attended the event with friends and family, but not had enough time to really appreciate all the hard work put into these amazing vehicles.  Thankfully I’ve upgraded my photography equipment and cleared my schedule for what hopefully be one of the largest galleries from the Follies ever.  Previous years have been me attending faithfully, but not producing any kind of content for the webs, hopefully this year will be different.

Evansville Frog Follies

Evansville Frog Follies

NMRA Pit Crew Pics

I’ve went through and picked out some pictures of the pit walk through at the NMRA in Joliet, IL.  Obviously attendees weren’t just allowed to walk up inside the tents and trailers of the drivers and car owners, but we were allowed pretty close when walking up to the drag strip.  Although these pictures capture the cars and workers, they don’t even touch the feeling you get in your chest when one of these monsters is fired up.

NMRA Joliet Video 2010

As I mentioned in a previous post, I got a chance to attend the NMRA in Joliet, IL.  The car show and drag racing took place last Saturday, July 17th.  Luckily, I had my handy flip video around, to catch some of the wild rides and awesome drag racing matchups.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to go through and edit all the video, so here is a quick sneak peek of what to expect.

More coming just as soon as I get a chance to edit the video.  Surely no one wants to hear the crappy banter between me and my buddies.

NMRA July 17th in Joliet, IL

I’ll be attending the NMRA in Joliet, IL on saturday July 17th.  There will be pictures taken, video captured, and plenty of memories made of my annual journey up north.  Usually I end up spending a good amount of time in the car show area and take a break in the bleachers with a nice cold brew and watch some drag racing.

The National Mustang Racing Association event will actually start on Thursday July 15th and continue through the weekend until July 18th.  There are always a ton of booths, awesome drag racing, and this year 2 massive car shows.  As of now, weather wise, looks like there might be some scattered rain on Saturday, but other than that smooth sailing.

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Expect a few posts once I get back, which will include NMRA pictures and video.

Audi A8 Hybrid Reveal

The Geneva Motor Show has seen it’s fair share of hybrids, but Audi has made a splash with it’s reveal of the A8 Hybrid.  In standard trim the A8 is already an impressive vehicle, with big power numbers, and luxury to spare.  The new hybrid should appeal to those looking to stay green and powerful.

Combined, the 2.0 liter motor and electric motor provide over 240 horsepower.  Impressive numbers, especially when you consider that the A8 will be available in v6 versions with similar horsepower and no hybrid power train.

Don’t go rushing to your Audi dealers just yet, the Audi A8 should not be available until sometime in 2011.  By then I’m sure we will see plenty other luxury hybrids on the market, including those from Porsche and even Ferrari.  Depending on how deep your pockets are, the sky is the limit on horsepower and luxury in a green wrapper.